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    use the evil way

    eval('new Date()') instead of new Date()
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    I use the evil command 'eval'

    instead of the default value 'new Date()'


    eval('new Date()')
  3. I have a multiviews, multistore, multimodel etc... Sencha Architect 2.1 application (ExtJS 4.1.1a).

    I'd like to use Sencha Cmd 3.0 to minify, package etc... that app.

    Is there a doc somewhere...
  4. After opening the project I was working on, Architect complains about "Publish Path"

    the error message is: "Publish directory cannot be within Project Path"

    the problem is I cannot change now...
  5. Hi,

    Tested your new build #640. Still doing the same on Windows x64

  6. Hi Jason,

    - I'm using Windows Ultimate x64
    - When I say crash, I mean application (architect only) crash.
    - I've found that, if i load project, select 'code' mode, then I can just select...
  7. Hi Aaron,

    updated this morning to 637, problem is not solved. as soon as an item is clicked in Views list while in design mode, crash occurs.

    ps : I sent you the project on
  8. It seems to crash only when clicking in any item of "Views" in design mode, not in code mode.

    I hope it helps

  9. Just upgraded to 636. Still crashing on any click in Views element

    How could I help you solve the problem?
  10. I just upgraded from previous version to Build 633

    now, it crashes almost everytime I click in project inspector

    Does someone encounters same problem?

  11. Hi,

    I'm new to Sencha Architect (MVC) ExtJS 4.1.1. I've been fighting for a couple of days with Stores based on Models using Associations (HasMany & BelongsTo)

    I receive an XML formated menu...
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