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    Hello Sencha community !

    I just wanted to install Sencha Cmd 3.0.2 with a computer without admin rights. The blog post about this release said it was possible, but when I launch the installer,...
  2. Hello,
    Yes, I tried it.

    In fact, I just saw the 4.1.1 version handles this correctly : the grid resizes automatically when I change the content, which was not the case on 4.0.7 (I did not...
  3. Hello there,

    I would like to force a grid to compute if it needs a scrollbar, or if it needs to resize the height of its existing scrollbar.
    I change dynamically the content (and so, the height)...
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    Hello !

    First, thanks for this extension, which solve a problem I had since monday.

    My only issue is that if I use a Ext.Component or any form field as a cell content, it works perfectly; but...
  5. @hendricd

    Thank you! It works very well like this. It is a pattern I would certainly reuse :)
  6. Hi there!

    I have a panel containing a grid, and an edit form. I need to check if the form has unsaved changes before another row is selected in the grid, and ask the user if he want to continue,...
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    Hi zonereseau !

    I have an update to propose. In the original Ext 3 plugin, you could use RegEx templates to define the behaviour of a filter, and I found it lacked in your version. Si I modified...
  8. :((

    Anyway, thank you for the answer ! :)
    I will use a separate form, so...
  9. Hi there !

    I am currently stuck on something which should be simple, as it is a very common task in data management apps: I need a grid to view and edit data with a n..1 relation to another...
  10. Thanks for the tip ! :)
    It doesn't seem to cause problem, but if it's not supported, I will change it to avoid future unexpected behaviour.
  11. Hi there !

    I'm developping an application using Ext JS 4.0.2a, which work very well in Chrome. But in Firefox, I get an error which doesn't occur each time. Very weird... The problem is Firebug...
  12. Big thanks for your help !
    Now, I just have to find why it works for you, and not for me... :-?

    About the sore instanciation, I didn't figure this problem, but it seems logical. I don't know...
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    How ? ;)
  14. Nobody ? :(

    It's a critical problem for me, as grids are the main tool used in my applications...
  15. Hello there,

    I found several topics more or less related to my problem but not exactly (if I'm wrong, it's because I misunderstand these topics :D), that's why I start this one.

    I have a grid...
  16. Nobody has the same problem ?
    I'm stuck on this issue, so I cannot continue my development...
  17. Hi there,

    I encounter a very weird problem on one column of my grid panel. Let's expose the context:

    /* The two models concerned by this issue */

    Ext.define('Oasis.model.Os', {
  18. Hello there !

    I'm new to Ext JS, and I'm stuck on the following problem. I wanted to define a grouping feature with some parameters all my grids will use :

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