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  1. Solved it ... I was just making this too complicated. The solution is to get create a lastTicket value when the ticket changes, along with calculating a timeout value 5 seconds into the future.
  2. I've got a small JSON datastore that presents a "now serving" ticket number. My store uses the TaskMgr to refresh every second and display the results. This works fine, but I now need to modify the...
  3. I'd like to target a Raspberry Pi system for running Sencha touch & extjs apps. No issues getting
    an embedded web server lighttpd or php to work, or even get extjs to work. Any how-tos on setting...
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    I'm going to implement Ext.Direct 4 but want to run it all from a USB stick that has multiple O/S support (Windows + UNIX/LINUX) that doesn't require "installing" anything on the host computer.
  5. Yes, it is somewhat of a concurrency problem. The number of threads are limited on this server, so I think you have confirmed my suspicions.

    The firebug dump shows that the POST requests submit...
  6. I have a loop where I must post the same set of parameters to some CGI logic and present the results of each Ajax post into a new window. A loop is used to vary the "device number" parameter. Each...
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    I think best way to simply frame it, is that the spec is written so that the server-side language-specific defaults, libraries, and features are used as the default. From design perspective of...
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    The specs are relatatively incomplete, and unfortunately, recursive in nature. I.e, right at the beginning, the author writes, "... some features are not required for particular languages or may...
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    Why not a C (and not C++) implementation? All of your supported stacks are slow, and resource hogs. None of your supported stacks are appropriate for embedded configurations. The only compiled...
  10. I have what seems to be a common problem, I have to use ext.getCmp to register components, stores, functions, etc.. for things that may not have been rendered at the time I invoke it.

    It would be...
  11. Same issue for me too, the comments in the .JS aren't enough, especially if you don't have a php/perl-based back-end.

    The 2.2 announcement page
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    A few suggestions, not necessarily for chapters, but for general content
    * Assume audience is an experienced programmer, but not a Java/javascript expert. There are plenty of books on the latter,...
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    I've got some relative newbie questions relating to the use of the plug-in, and have a code-related implementation question at the end of this, and a general question regarding whether or not the...
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    Ok, I give up.. how do you save / load work-in-process so you can pick up the design process where you left off?
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    I ran into same problem with JSON, compounded by the fact I use an embedded server program.

    You need to insure that the server headers send below, in event success:false ...
    HTTP/1.1 409...
  16. I need to display the results of some command-line programs in a TextArea, and need advice for best way to encode/decode the output so I can render it within a TextArea.

    I have to insure that no...
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    So if there is JSON errorInfo text, then server header needs to be changed from
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Content-Type: application/jsonrequest

    To something like
    HTTP/1.1 409 Conflict
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