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    I too would like to generate API docs from my Ext code. I know Sencha has an internal tool for this, and I remember some time ago the question being asked if Sencha would ever release it.

    I'd like...
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    Thanks. Just tried the update, unfortunatly IE is still crashing with a DEP error after a File Upload.

    I had some more time to test today and have located the error. In the MIF's override of...
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    I get the same issue with MIF 2.1 and Ext 3.1.1. A simple Ext form panel used for a file upload works fine if the MIF extension isn't included on the page. Include MIF and the same upload code...
  4. No, I'm using IE8/IE8 Standards. I've tested all modes...

    IE8/IE8 Standards: Slow, bad flicker (probably seems worse becuase it happens slowly)
    IE8/IE7 Standards: fast w/ flicker
  5. I have the issue in 3.0.3. Its much worse than the demo jing video in an earlier post, using IE8.

    Its very annoying but more importantly it affects the performace of the menu, makes it sluggish.
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    Adding loaded: true to non-leaf nodes prevented additional nodes/children being loaded into the tree, only the root node/first level of nodes was loaded.

    I tried nodeType: 'node' on the non-leaf...
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    I've tried this option, but using fiddler I still see a server hit for each node as its expanded. I'm using a very simple Tree panel, with the following loader:

    loader: new...
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    Can this be done without hitting the server for each node that is expanded?

    My first hit loads all the data (complete structure of children) - so I dont want to hit the server more than once.
  9. Hi

    Can I stop the currently selected/highlighted text on a page being lost when I click on a Ext combo box? Its a behaviour that doesnt occur with standard HTML combo boxes. Is there an event I...
  10. After creating a Checkbox group, I cannot access the individual checkboxes to manipulate their values. The 'items' collection of the checkboxgroup does not contain an array/collection of checkboxes...
  11. Hi Guys,

    I've setup a grouped grid, as per the demo example at However, when my store is loaded, I receive the following error:

  12. bump?
  13. Hi Guys,

    This is a long standing problem I've had, it was covered in Ext 1.1 before, and I raised it in the 1.x forums previously.

    Basically, on an action/button, I cannot use 'iconCls' to set...
  14. Fixed this one myself. After reading some of the docs for a different matter, I stumbled across 'Ext.ComponentMgr.get('id')' which returns an Ext component not a DOM element!

    I've not tested this...
  15. Hi Chaps,

    Not sure this is in the right forum... :"> ?
    (Can an admin move it to the Help section if this is wrong? Thanks.)

    I'm using an ManagedIFrame object, and I need to be able to call JS...
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    Yep, certainly does. And its a much neater way of doing it.

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    Thanks Lloyd!

    I had already looked at these, with no success. However, I was calling doLayout on the wrong component! It needed to be called on the parent component, not the component I had just...
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    Hi Guys.

    I've got a tab panel that contains 1 non-closable tab, which in turn contains a grid. When a button is clicked, I want to add a new closable tab to the tab panel. This in turn I want to...
  19. Your quite right, my mistake :">

    I took baseParams as set in stone. That combined with another piece of code within the project I'm working on that changes the grids data binding completly through...
  20. Hi MJ,

    I've found some more info that has helped me, from the Grid FAQs at:

    'beforeload': {
  21. I did, but obviously not well enough :">

    I'll go back for a more detailed read! And make sure I post back any solution to give this thread closure.

    thanks for your help!!
  22. Hi Chaps.

    I've searched these forums and cant find the answer I need.

    I have a Grid which loads from a JsonStore. Certain circumstances can rebind the data in the grid, loading data from a...
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    Hi guys, I'm back on this issue. To update you, I'm now running the latest ext (2.2.1).

    I've created a new test. It only has 2 style sheets, listed first is ext-all, and then a custom style...
  24. I had the same issue with IE7 and a TreePanel/Node Click event, however, I'm using EXT 2.2.0.

    The above override fixed it just fine.

  25. Doesn
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