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  1. Hello,
    I succeeded let the filter work thanks to the reading of different blogs.
    But the code isn't clean in the controller file.

    I have in a second time tried to integrate the call of the...
  2. I want to filter the content of lists it with what is typed in the research zone.

    But as I did not there arrive I tried to filter on the body previously but that does not work not more.
  3. I tried these cases but unsuccessfully,

    Ext.define('proto.view.Main', { extend: 'Ext.TabPanel',
    requires: [
  4. Hello

    To finish my first application of training, I try understand the philosophy for the party blind.

    I try to filter by the fields searchfield but not there arriving I already try by a...
  5. Does no one have an idea for this point?
    For I see often this kind of action in the movable applications.

    The one of has you t it already used this action kind for I do not see the function...
  6. hello,
    How to activate direction the email since the icon of a tabpanel.

    example while clicking on the icon I arrive direction on the function email of the iphone or ipad with the subject and...
  7. this point is closed for me.

    I solved this point with ad :

    title: 'Fonctions',
    iconCls: 'user'
  8. Hello,

    I am still in my phase of apprenticeship of sencha touch.
    I have tested and modified individually the examples:

  9. Hello,

    It's ok for display in console.log when i use"onItemDisclosure: function() {console.log('text');}" after i put "onItemDisclosure: true" and i have the controller file.

    But when i tap on...
  10. thanks,

    I already tried while putting
    requires: [
    ], in OnLineFonctions.js but that does not work not more.

  11. Does someone have an idea?
    I think that I am not the only one to use online and offline of this manner.

    I find several pieces of examples but in a former version and in a single file.

  12. in proto/app/store/OnLineFonctions.js => add console log when load data

    Ext.define('', { extend: '',
    requires: [
  13. hello,

    when i start the app, i have the blank screen without data.
    in the first step with only online store , i had data in my page.


    <!DOCTYPE HTML><html manifest=""...
  14. hello,
    i try to load data from file (online) into localstorage (offline).

    View from localstorage .
    When i try from data file is ok but from localstorage don't work.

    i don't no why!

  15. Replies

    in www/sencha-touch-

    sencha app create mysoft ../mysoft

    in www/mysoft
  16. hello,
    this is my environment :
    -install VM ubuntu 12.04 amd64

    -install Apache PHP

    sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ondrej/php5
    sudo apt-get update
  17. Can i have a example files/package with architect 2 with slide Navigation plugin
    because i'm beginner with( architect and sencha touch) and i'm stopped for this central point.
  18. Hello,

    How configure splashscreen With architect2
    What component?
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