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    setIconStyle and Firefox 12

    Has anyone been seeing problems with setIconStyle and Firefox 12? When I use a url to locate a graphic, it works fine in all the browsers. When I use a css style, it works for IE8/9, but I get no...
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    Adding the entered value from the ComboBox's text box to the pulldown list

    If the combo box is editable, you can type in the text box. If you want to have that item entered into the pulldown list for future use via selection, you need to take the getRawValue data, create a...
  3. The is*Key methods on a TreeGridEvent received in a BeforeExpand event are never true

    When I expand a tree node, I'd like to use one of the modifier keys to signal that I want to fully expand the full subtree instead of just one level at a time. So I have a BeforeExpand listener set...
  4. Add a Dummy Child to the tree node that needs future expansion

    I had a similar problem - you don't get the expander on the tree node without a child. So on those nodes that I know need future expansion, I add a child node with the name field of Expanding... and...
  5. We see a similar error intermittently and...

    We see a similar error intermittently and occasionally on both 2.1.3 and 2.2.0. Does anyone know where this might be coming from? It always seems to clear with a refresh of the browser window.

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    My problem turned out to be my upgrade from 2.1.3...

    My problem turned out to be my upgrade from 2.1.3 to 2.2.0. When I upgraded, I forgot to copy the resources directory from the distribution into my public area, so my css files and various images...
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    When I upgraded, I had forgotten to copy the...

    When I upgraded, I had forgotten to copy the contents of the resource directory into my source tree. Once I did that and rebuilt the GXT app, the problems all went away. Sorry for not putting the...
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    MultiField and FormPanel.getFields

    I have noticed that FormPanel.getFields() does not scan a MultiField for all of its contained Field objects. It only ever sees the first Field added to it. Is this an intentional behavior or an...
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    Here's my test program. This demonstrates both...

    Here's my test program. This demonstrates both problems on my system. You referred to upgrading the resources - I'm assuming that means overlaying my public area with everything in the resources...
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    ComboBox missing scrollbars

    in 2.2.0, I have lost scrollbars on my ComboBox Fields. Even when I put this chunk of code into one of my screens (basically the code from the showcase), I don't get scrollbars on the list even...
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    ComboBox problem with large maxHeight

    In 2.2.0, if a ComboBox has a large enough maxHeight to make the list move from the bottom of the text field of the combo box, all the user gets is a drop shadow where the list should appear. When I...
  12. We have a code freeze coming up in the next...

    We have a code freeze coming up in the next couple of days. I'll be able to try to build a small sample after that
  13. Of course, I couldn't come up with a trivial...

    Of course, I couldn't come up with a trivial example, but in doing so, figured out that a getView().refresh(true) call in the resizing event code for my EditorTreeGrid subclass was the culprit....
  14. TreeGrid expanders don't respond after resizing the TreeGrid in 2.2.0

    I had code that was properly adjusting my TreeGrid sizes within it's parent ContentPanel that was working with GWT 2.0.3 / GXT 2.1.3. When I upgraded to GWT 2.0.4 / GXT 2.2.0, the expanders work...
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    What are you planning to go away from? Field...

    What are you planning to go away from? Field objects? Or the restriction that they are parented by a FormLayout in order to be rendered properly? We're using Field objects very heavily and before we...
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