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  1. I need to implement a pull refresh over a list component. I have got it working for 'pull down' from the top to bottom thru below link.

    I need...
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    Please share a sample code if u guys succeed in this. Meanwhile i m also trying to make it at my side.
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    I also have the same requirement to implement. I have tried the solution listed here but i seem to get stuck in layouts. Please share the code if u succeeded in the above. I need to implement...
  4. Hi intellix,
    I have implemented accordion with the list component inside it over Android 2.3.3.Screenshot of it is attached below. However i m facing a problem with the layout of the list component....
  5. If u have used highcharts in sencha touch 2.0 for android, plz share a sample code snippet with me. I m badly in need of it, so far i cant get it to work. It runs on the browser but on emulator it is...
  6. Hi jay,
    Can u please post a code snippet demonstrating that. I am very new to ST2 and its first time i m taking on Charts. Thanks in Advance.

  7. Hi,
    I am also looking for a sample unit tested code on sencha touch 2. Unit testing using Q Unit is the requirement for my project, but i cant get it to work with sencha touch 2. It would be great...
  8. Hi all,
    Looks like Mitchell is busy. So, have any of u guys tried making accordion with Labels(with html) and Images inside Accordion Layout panels.
    I have wasted a lot of effort in it, but cant...
  9. Hi mitchell, thnx for reply with a quick fix, but the problem seems to persist. In the source's index.js, if i put textfield/label as the last element of the layout, then this last element always...
  10. Can anybody here knows how to remove the error mentioned in the above post??
    I am really in need to implement it for my project or else i'll have to move to JQuery Mobile which i dont want to.
  11. Thnx a ton boofman, followed the steps and got it to show on my chrome browser.
    However some errors remain in the project:
    1. The list shown is not collapsible. It has opened in expanded mode with...
  12. Hi,
    I have just finished with my first mvc application with ST2. But i m facing challenges in Ux.layout.Accordion. I have copied the plugin file in my project folder, provided their paths in...
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