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  1. Anyone has any other thoughts?
  2. Adding these files to the .ignore will not help because then nobody else in the team has the file and the build will fail.
  3. Greetings!

    Recently we started using Ext JS 6 and started with all new applications, packages and themes. It's great! Though we see when we check our code into our Git repository that certain...
  4. I found that the delivered index.html file in the docs directory of Sencha Touch 2.4.0 directs "" is a forbidden page.

    Direct to the general docs found at...
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    The support page is divided into five different parts, on the far left you've the blue menu and the main page has 4 different sections, My subscription and Downloads on the left side and My Team and...
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    You seem to be a subscriber, so you can see on the support page yourself? I can see nightly builds of 2.4.1.
  7. Grid isn't delivered with the freely available version. If you need grid you will need to buy a licence for either the Sencha Touch Bundle or Sencha Complete.
  8. You don't make a testing build every time you have a change in the code. I just run the development code and test there. Once I think it's ready for testing I make a testing or even a production...
  9. Now I understand your problem :) . You could either use a DelayedTask or setTimeout, whatever you like. In pseudo code the solution might look like a bit this

    var longerThan10Seconds = false;
  10. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean now. You mean this:!/api/Ext.util.DelayedTask ? DelayedTask invokes a setTimeout which is indeed the same.
  11. In JavaScript there's a setTimeout() function. See on how to use it. Perhaps you can use that.
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    You could try to find it using a component query. See!/api/Ext.ComponentQuery for details.
  13. The steps you take to generate an app seems right to me. I heard that some people are having trouble with CMD 5 so I suggest you downgrade to CMD 4 as that should work.
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    We are doing something similar in order of shared components and styling of those components. To make this work we created a new theme, that is located in our shared location, that we include in the...
  15. You forgot to add a constructor to generate the getters and setters. The constructor looks like this:

    constructor: function(config) {
    return this;

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    I'm no expert but I would make sure that your credentials etc are going over a secure encrypted line at least. You could look into things like OAuth to secure authorization as well.
  17. I guess I need a bit more information other than 'it doesn't work'. What did you try so far? In order to debug on the phone/tablet try to hook up the device to your mac and get debugging information...
  18. This is currently not possible as far as I know, there is no setting to set a decimal precision. I suggest to to use a Ext.field.Text to use as display.
  19. You push your MessageDetail panel to messages, what is messages? You ref to it in your controller. If messages is a 'navigationview' it should generate automatically, If it isn't it won't generate a...
  20. To me it seems that you just want to execute the code that is now used in the tap event. So why not fire a custom event and move the code to a new function. Then call the new function in the custom...
  21. I don't think this is possible because it's always basically just a webpage. Wrapped using phonegap/cordova doesn't make a difference as far as I know but I could be wrong on this one. It's just the...
  22. The filenames are correct. Apple has some documentation about this, see...
  23. I've never used :) . I usually issue the 'sencha' command either inside the SDK or project directory to respectively generate an app or compile it.
  24. You could set the items on your formpanel to readOnly, it's a config :) .
  25. A (local) web server is needed because modern browsers will block cross origin requests. So then your app will not load. Using a web server you can solve this.
    the -cw switch requires an argument....
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