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  2. Hi All,

    I'm just trying to get a comboBox to load from a JSON store, but can't seem to get the comboBox to populate. Any help would be appreciated :)

    var store = new{
  3. Okay, I can't figure out a simple example:

    var foo = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    renderTo: document.body,
  4. Thanks for the response. I'm trying the code from the example and nothing is showing up in the comboBox (the obj is directly from...
  5. Because I do? :)

    Really though, I have compressed data streaming in over a comet connection that's coming in after a form has been created. The structure of the data coming in is variable (in...
  6. I'm just looking for a simple example of how to configure a JsonStore after it's been created. Or how to set the store on a comboBox after it's been created.

    Thanks :)
  7. Could addTab() be allowed to accept an object as it's first argument like everything else in extjs can?
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    Figured it out, moving to bugs forum.
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    Yep, everything is there. And if I call activate() on the 1st tab after I create the 2nd tab, the 2nd one will be activated.

    Basically it looks like all the tabs reference the same object when...
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    I have a tab panel that is very basic and not working. The tabs are unclickable and the activate() call activates the wrong tab. Help?

    function init(){
    var DH = Ext.DomHelper;

    this.div =...
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    It's a "bug" because other frameworks handle it :-) I merged some code from my own framework and other code from prototype and this pops up.

    Maybe more of a feature request? If(Browser==IE){ //...
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    Ext.Ajax.request doesn't always make a request in IE. Specifically IE is, well stupid, and doesn't always send the request to the server if the URL is the same. I usually get around this by doing...
  13. In IE only, dialog.destroy doesn't always work. I had to do this to ensure that the dialog left properly:

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    From Ext.form.ComboBox.doQuery

    }else{, q);
  15. Yes, I realize that, I'm just saying that everything else in extjs has a scope property passed as part of the object properties:

    {fn:this.someFunction, scope:this}

    And just to keep things...
  16. As the title says there's no way to set scope on column model renderer functions.

    Now I know you're going to say that rendering functions should be data independent, but imagine a simple mapping...
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    Like the title says, it's impossible to filter a combobox with mode=='local' and triggerAction=='all'.

    if(this.mode == 'local'){
    this.selectedIndex = -1;
  18. I have a combo box that I can NOT seem to filter before I open the drop-down at least once:

    this.columnCombo = new F.ComboBox({
    fieldLabel : 'Column(s)' ,
    store :...
  19. nevermind, figured it out. Drop the ID and it works. I'm assuming it's not destroying the first one, but not sure how to do that...
  20. yes, but I destroy them.

    The same issue occurs if I have multiple copies of the same tab open that have identical comboboxes - only the first one works.
  21. I have a combo box in a dialog that works fine. The 2nd time I open the dialog, however, the combo box refuses to drop-down. The store that is attached to the combo box DOES have data the 2nd time....
  22. Is it possible to make a hidden form field and/or easily set the class on a label for a form field? I see options to set the class on the element but not the label.
  23. That's fine, I'm just saying that it's dangerous to use potentially valid ID numbers. Would there be any issues making them all negative?

    When I'm adding new records I don't actually have a valid...
  24. When new records are added to a store they are automatically given ID #s starting at 1,000. Could this be changed in some way? It seems rather dangerous and the first time I made a grid I ran...
  25. Good to know, although somewhat bothersome considering how I do things :-). If I don't know how to get something the first thing I do is console.log(object) with firebug and then just trace to the...
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