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  1. How was this fixed? I'm using ExtJS Modern.

    I am having a problem where sheets and Ext.Msg will not hide. This occurs only after aborting an AJAX request on a store totally unrelated...
  2. I don't expect you to give us information you cannot release. :)

    I do hope you will pass our concerns/requests/comments up the ladder to the people who make the decisions (and who may not see...
  3. May be related to:

    I have not had time to upgrade yet.
  4. This did not make the 6.0.2 release. :(

    Can we get it moved up to the top of the list for a quick fix? It is a very simple bug; just look at the code described above. It is pretty obvious.
  5. Excellent! Will this be the norm? If so, it is a great day for the greater Sencha community.

    Ignoring Open Source sends a bad message to the community. A published policy on how GPL releases...
  6. Thanks for the release! :)

    Smaller and more frequent in the future please.
  7. Is this marked as a bug yet? Will it be fixed in v6.0.2?
  8. Yes, this code shown in the first report is still in the nightly builds. I downloaded --> ext-

    in Ext.picker.Slot in the modern toolkit

    lines 264-267 in...
  9. This is not a bug. It is a problem in layouts. Add 'height' or 'scrollable' where it is not needed and you get a white screen. No error no nothing. Just a white screen.

    Frustrating and hard...
  10. You said it was fixed on Oct 1, 2015. As a support subscriber, I expect it to be released when fixed.

    Frequent small bug fix releases would make your customers HAPPY! At the moment, not so much.
  11. I'll rant again on this subject... :D

    Smaller quicker bug releases would be appreciated. Please pass this request up to the top brass!

    Fix several bugs and release a point release. Support...
  12. Additional picker problems:
  13. Checkout this fiddle:

    Test it in both Chrome and IE. (It works correctly in Firefox?!?!)

    On Ubuntu and Windows 7 and you will see the list text and the...
  14. Any word on the fix?

    Also note an additional problem:
  15. There is a bug in Ext.picker.Slot in the modern toolkit. Note the items marked in RED.

    The code below in Ext.picker.Slot sets up a listener for 'scrollend' and a method, 'onScrollEnd', which...
  16. That explains it! I cannot release with a nightly build so never look there.

    -- Warning: rant follows -- :D

    It's been 5 months since the last release so I don't ever plan on new bug fix...
  17. I'm struggling with this too.

    Where is ExtJS listed in the title? Has this been released?

    It does not show up on my support page. The last release I see is 6.0.1 and am wondering...
  18. Could this be related to:
  19. I just ran into this bug. Searching leads me to this bug report which is almost 5 months old!

    Why are these things not fixed quickly and released. This is holding up my project.

  20. It is an ExtJS issue! Checkout this fiddle:

    Test it in both Chrome and IE. (It works correctly in Firefox?!?!)

    On Ubuntu and Windows 7 and you will see...
  21. (I've been out of town and am just getting back to this problem...)

    How can this not be an ExtJS problem?

    It is an ExtJS web applications using ExtJs supplied themes and fonts. I've embedded...
  22. I am having a problem with text not showing up in an ExtJS modern theme app on Windows 8 & 10. The text exists in the DOM when viewed in Developer Tools but not in the app. Works fine on Ubuntu and...
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    Thanks for the super quick response. I will report similar problems here in the future.

    This was reported earlier (as an aside) but never noticed in this thread:
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    Please fix the examples.

    Click on source in the upper right corner and scroll down.

  25. Thank you for this resource. I'll attempt to find time to provide PRs when I spend my time on a fix.
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