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  1. I'm keeping my jsb file under vcs, and it is readonly (concrete vcs limitation).
    Thus, when trying to run jsbuildconsole mybuildfile.jsb i get exceptions when the builder tries to write the file

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    My problem is solved now.
    If you use inline data for your store (i.e. 'data' config parameter) the selectionmodel won't be attached to 'load' event listeners yet. Thus, no rows will be actually...
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    I'm using the SmartCheckboxSelectionModel in a grid which is hidden by default. It's located in a tab with lazy loading.
    I use loadData for loading the store, and checkboxes are checked correctly,...
  4. Tell me that in a few days when you will click right there time after time, as you actually KNOW that it will break :D
  5. The problem exists in IE 6 either.
    That's very irritating, especially when you know about that and click the deadzone again and again :)
    I tried to investigate it a bit, and it appeared that when...
  6. Of course, I've watched the example before. I even made some prototype using BorderLayout, but had to write tons of callbacks to autoresize borderlayout'ed container after its inner panels changed...
  7. I'm trying to make three columns separated by draggable splitbars. The problem is that SplitBars are approx 15px high ant don't auto-resize with the container. Content panels have arbitrary height,...
  8. Sometimes reading examples helps better than reading docs. Ext docs lack code snippets, I think.
  9. try

    new Ext.Panel(
    title:"Border Layout",
    renderTo: 'container',
    items:[wTree, cTree]
  10. Of course, I did.
    The results with A.doLayout() and without it are the same. A1 and A3 are shown, A2 is not.
  11. Container A has A1,A2,A3 containers in it.
    A1 and A3 are straight panels with default ContainerLayout.
    A2 is a panel with BorderLayout (east, west and center regions)
    I need to hide/show container...
  12. Of course, I can set BorderLayout'ed container's height manually. I already do that with success. But many events change the contents height. I heavily use DnD. It's pretty hard to listen to all such...
  13. I need to have a plain three column ColumnLayout functionality. I.e. the height is allowed to vary based on content.
    But I also desperately need to be able to resize these columns, and BorderLayout...
  14. I want to use kind'a portal interface in my app. I used the example and could get a decent behaviour after adding some code to DD handling B). But I want to switch between edit/view modes without...
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