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  1. May be i am facing this issue because of slow connection. You may try on some slow internet. Because i really need this functional properly...
  2. I am using the same browser mode and document mode as you suggested but I am facing this issue. It will surely come after some attempts. like you have to click textfield then click on row and then...
  3. Version: Extjs 4.2.1.
    Browser: IE9 and IE10.

    Description: Scrolled the scroll bar to right and then focussed textfield in header of columns, then on clicking a row moves the scroll bar to the...
  4. Thanks for your suggestion. It works for me. +1 for you. :)~o)
  5. Thanks for accepting my test case. I am looking forward to your solution.
  6. ExtJs Version 4.2.1
    Browser: Chrome 37.


    Currently I am using filtering by adding textfields in the headers of gridpanel. In grid scrollbar shows if columns do not fit in the width...
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    Thanks for the solution, it gave me idea, listeners show was not working for me, so i used afterrender and it works great.;)
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    Can anybody provide the working link again as the shown link is not working..
  9. No, I don't know how to use it(extraParams) and how can it help me. Can you help in this.
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    I have a combobox in which I am loading data from database as shown below:

    xtype: "combobox",
    id: "abc",
    fieldLabel: "Name",
    style: "margin-top:...
  11. I am very new to ExtJs. Currently I am building a page in which I am having a grid to display the 11000 records. And also have a filter panel to filter the records and whenever we apply the filters...
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