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  1. panel.layout()
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    Its not posible to cast Element to FrameElement
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    Not posible..., there some problems with i-frame. I also try to debug looking iinside the object, and only references appear.

    ContentPanel cp = new ContentPanel();...
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    It's posible to interact with a DOM of a iframe ?

    ContentPanel cp = new ContentPanel();

    Text html, is a simple html with a text area :
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    Hi all ,

    I want to know if is posible to acces to html DOM within a ext Window.

    First i set the windows with html content page :

    Window window = new Window();...
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    The setValidationDelay() function its associated to the personalized Validator of the field. That Validator its only executed after blur (I think that you can adjust that setting) and after basic...
  7. ok thanks
  8. Hi i'm trying to implement an advance form panel with 4 columns, but i have problems with

    the height aligment of the elements within the form Panel, someone can help me ? What i'm doing...
  9. try to use class Image .

    Image imgDelete = new Image("images/icons/delete.gif");
    And then added... Also remeber to set setBulkRender(false) table property for render the image...

  10. Hi all,

    I'm trying to implement a basic table with some rows controls. This controls are the typical remove, edit over the rows..

    Currently my controls are implemented as tooltip item in a...
  11. Also the same problem...
  12. Hello,

    I'm trying to inject a piece of html code within a page GWT. This piece of code, not only contains html also includes javascript fragments.

    final Window editor = new Window();
  13. Thanks, seems interesting as rich editor integration, but i'm looking for syntax highlighting edit more simple, just focus on program lenguage as java, c++, xml highlighting .. ... how about...
  14. Hello,

    I need to custom a textArea component as real-time syntax highlighting. Having a look in internet i found some projects about textArea syntax highlighting , i'm particular interested in...
  15. maybe, try .layout()
  16. Hello,

    I'm tryng to add a LayoutContainer class in to tab panel , but i'm not able to adjust the size(width and height) . I'm not sure if Is posible to do..

    LayoutContainer class

  17. Hello,

    It's posible to add a image in a FormPanel ? like that...

    FormPanel panel = new FormPanel();
    Image img = new Image();
  18. yes, thanks now works.
  19. Hi all!

    This is my first post..., i'm trying to add dynamic a item in to FormPanel but someting is wrong because the item added is not render. The idea is the next, the user press a button and...
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