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  1. I too, am using Sencha architect.
    Under your Application Controllers you would click on the itemtap - 'onListZoneCoordinatorsItemTap'.
    Then in the Config area under the ControllerAction section,...
  2. I applied a similar thing and it worked for me:

    control: {
    "#loginNavigationView #personList": {
    itemtap: 'onActivityListItemTap'
  3. I'm creating my first Sencha Touch application and am encountering this same problem.
    My app has a couple of buttons that lead to ListViews which then have an item tap controller action attached...
  4. I have a large project we are converting to use the latest Designer and am having the same issue. We rely heavily on vbox and hbox.
    Right now I can't continue with the conversion because this...
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