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    What i am thinking is to use grid and a multiple line textbox in the grid with pagination and scroll bar feature.
    Based on the pagination parameter we will read the lines from server and display it...
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    I have large log file that i have to show using extjs. Instead of loading the complete file, file should be loaded in chunk based on the page pointer(as file is large so it should be divided in...
  3. Hi msarath,

    in store's load event, you can check the no of data rows and based on this if rows are less than 15 you can call the disable function of toolbar.
  4. Hi,
    I am using datefield to chose a date. I am using by deafault format. That after selecting date comes in format of 02/02/2009. I want after each selection the date would become 02/02/2009...
  5. Hi,
    I have an application which throws ajax request to get server data and populate at client site.
    I need to capture a event if server is shutdown to show message that server is unavailable.
    I am...
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    Hi BitPoet,

    I tried to look this method getJsonAccessor in API doc2.2, but it is mentioned no where.
    Where i can get information abt it.
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    Thnx a lot guys.
    It solved my problem.
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    I have json object return from load call like


    How i can read the value of...
  9. thnx Condor.
    It work out.
  10. Hi below is my code . I want that when i click on List1 or List2 the font become bold.
    I also tried by add a css class on click event. but no success.
    the css i tried:

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    Hi Condor,
    I have tested this on IE6, IE7 and mozila 3. I also have tried by removing autoHeight
    On all have the same issue.
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    in the combobox, just add,
    the propert value initilized with the value u want to display.
    In yr case,

    will display the value attached with this id.
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    Hi ,
    I am making a simple combo box, using:

    new Ext.form.ComboBox(
    fieldLabel: comp.text,
  14. Thanx mjlecomte,
    This is the link to the thread:
    Plz help me out.
  15. Hi i am using PagingToolbar. when i click on refresh icon it shows busy icon. I have write a handler event for refresh click where i do some processing. After processing it still shows busy icon. I...
  16. Hi guys,
    have anybody any idea......
  17. Hi i am using PagingToolbar. when i click on refresh icon it shows busy icon. I have write a handler event for refresh click where i do some processing. After processing it still shows busy icon. I...
  18. Hi,
    I am using JsonStore in EditorGridPanel. its working fine but some time when i want to reject the changes done to grid i call


    it gives me following error:

  19. Hi, i am using a grid with store and column model defined below.
    My prob is i want to use the total no of records in the column model renderer. But before store's load column model's renderer is...
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    Hi, I want to create a checkbox in grid column,
    for it my renderer function is:

    function renderPermission3(value){
    var name = 'Rest All';
    var per3 = "restAll";
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    Hi medelaano,
    I too need a button in each row of my grid.
    U r write the code by u is not working in firefox3.....have u got any other alternative......
    if anybody else have any kind of solution...
  22. my code..

    var cm;
    var grid;
    var store;
    var sm;
    var no;
    var row;
    var col1=1;
  23. When i click first then it calls and renderer function and in second click it perform the button processing without calling renderer function.
    mycode is...

    var cm;
    var grid;
  24. Hi Animal,
    Thanxs for the reply.
    i am creating a button in one cell and on click want to do some processing.
    but because of renderer , when i modify any cell and click on the button in cell it...
  25. Hi,
    i am using EditorGridPanel,
    when i change a value in one cell and click on other cell, then it calls all the renderer functions of the row even other cells of the row are not changed.
    i dont...
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