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  1. Hi @tristan.lee
    Here is a fiddle


    1. load Data with the bottom button
    2. power click on the left slot items (fast click 3-5 times on different numbers)
    3. select the first item on the...
  2. Hi there,

    I have embedded a 'picker' inside a 'container' and I am changing pickerslot content on the fly.

    When I add 4 data to the slot
    - and I select the last
    - and then scroll as further...
  3. If you just need to save the data, you can always go with localStorage too.Still I do not understand why you would like to write this to a file and where the problem is.On the first run you can...
  4. You would need to save a json file and grab that with an ajax call


    "url": "myHomeUrl"
  5. You could use

    Ext.define('app.util.Config', {
    singleton : true,
    alternateClassName: 'app.Config',

    config : {
    baseUrl: '',
  6. Hi there,

    as for 2.4.1 this is still in there.

    The solution is, that you need to set the config-icon

    config: {
    icon: null
  7. Sounds like you implemented a folder "util" inside the "app" folder and you added a file Config.js inside.
    Most likely this is a singleton.

    Can you post the code of that file, so that we can help?
  8. Are you sure this is save without

    constructor: function (config) {
  9. I still cannot figure out how and where to use the element.up('').
    The closest I am getting to is to ...

    * go up the dom structure
    * find the x-list-item class (which is the simplelistitem)...
  10. Can you help me with e.up('').

    I know element.up() if element is a sencha element. But in this case the delegate function will return the event and the html snippet.

    None of them seems to have...
  11. The screen is so tiny, that I cannot tell, where the arrows are pointing at.
    Do you simply need an overlay of the fullscreen? Simply add a centered modal with top=left=right=bottom=0; or height &...
  12. Your answer is here:
  13. I am doing almost the same as Mitchel, but I am not using a singleton here, because the values are usually statics:


    Ext.define('MyApp.util.Config', {
  14. You are here at the Sencha Touch forum. Please move this thread to architect.In sencha touch you would need to set up a project (cmd - sencha generate app). With that you will get a bootstrap.json at...
  15. Hi there,

    is it possible to do event delegation on a list and forward the record of the list-item?

    So far I have the following code

    xtype: 'list',
  16. I know this is an old post, but in case you are coming here for an answer, please look here:

    data = || options.rawData || options.binaryData || options.xmlData ||...
  17. Replies
    Ext.Component is a class, that gets instantiated (supporting lazy) with config and is being handled by ST.
    So if I destroy a view, the component inside is destroyed.

    But my class is not supposed...
  18. Why not only use one large file and depending on the css you want to use add a new cls to the Viewport.e.g.


    and in the SASS file

    .custom-1 {
  19. Take a look at the structure of the spinner and simply add the divs with the same classes to your tpl.
    Combine this with if...else and you can hide or show a spinner based on a record key.

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    Hi there,

    I would like to create a class with all the pros an Ext.Component gives me.
    But I do not need a visual appearance.

    So I thought I could use AbstractComponent, but it gives me the...
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    True, but still Sencha will call upon the old hash.

    1. start app
    2. call redirectTo(oldHash) (including setting history)
    3. call launch method of app (here I would set the hash to '')
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    Hi there,

    I have the problem, that on app start the window.location.hash.substr(1) is used to define the initial view.
    (app.Application.onDependenciesLoaded() )

    How can I set the initial hash...
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    Why not use the simple version:
    Found it here

    var start, end, output, i;

    start = new Date().getTime();

    // do whatever you need to know how long it takes
    for (i = 1; i <= 1e6; i++)
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    Hi fischer,

    thanks a lot.

    You missed a listeners.listeners, but otherwise it's doing what I wanted it to do :)

    Here is my final code working for all observables in the code:

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    Hi there,

    I am creating a messageBus

    App.messageBus = new Ext.util.Observable();

    Then I am adding an Event to listen to, to the messageBus

    App.messageBus.on('updatedata', this.loadData,...
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