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  1. The problem for this one is actually lying in the radiobutton itself (not in the group). Since the setValue of the radiobutton sees a boolean the same as checked / unchecked. This is because the...
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    + 1 for node.js
  3. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for your reply! To narrow it down is kind of hard. The only thing I know what I did different than otherwise is that I first created the layout of the screen (needed this to send...
  4. Also when doing save as and republish the app on a total different location does not make any difference.
    Hereby the code I had to add in the app.js

    stores: [

    Architect Build tested: 2.1.0

    Build: 676
  6. I have the same problem with a custom proxy (to set the proxy type at the model or in the store is not possible). Even custom coding for a model or store is not possible. Since I am not able to add a...
  7. No-one of the development team?
  8. @tsizehena: Did you get any further with solving your problem? I am also interested in such a solution.
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    Found the problem:

    The f1Start and f2Start vars are not available in the touchmove event, because they are not stored. I changed the override into (and moved to single finger move):

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    @Larry: Are you sure that your listeners work? Only by using the render listener I receive the touchstart / touchmove events.

    Although I have another problem that the e.browserEvent is undefined...
  11. @Mthor,

    Thanks for your response, but I am sorry. Maybe my question was not clear enough, but this is about functionality that should be implemented inside Sencha Architect. I created new field...
  12. Has anyone a suggestion:-/

    Many thanks!
  13. It is possible to create custom in Sencha Touch 2.x. see!/api/ and!/api/ So...
  14. Indeed looks like the same behaviour. I will wait until the next update. Thanks!
  15. Because of UTF-16 decoding an encoding I need to create a custom reader component inside Architect for Sencha Touch. I have done this before within ExtJs 4.x. Or I do an override on the reader. But...
  16. @ssamayoa: many thanks, that's what I needed! =D>
  17. Hi Support-team,

    I have been searching in the documentation as well as in Sencha Designer itself but I can't find where can be specified that sencha-touch-all-debug.js should be loaded in the...
  18. Hi Aaron,

    I am sorry... when I was re-writing the report into the official bug template format, I also tested my reproducion steps. I got the same results as you: now I can't reproduce the problem...
  19. busy writing bug report
  20. The same problem occurs with the html property. Editing the styles in css files under resources goes ok.
  21. Hi Support-team,

    I have a problem that after moving away from a field where I just typed in a style and going back to a field the style can't be edited anymore. This problem occurs only when a...
  22. Not a nice one but works for me:

    Ext.define('Ext.Patch.view.AbstractView', {
    override: 'Ext.view.AbstractView',
    indexOf: function (node) {
    var me = this;
    node =...
  23. Thank you too! When I tested the fix I will close this case and put it to fixed.
  24. Hi Aaron,

    Sorry I opened this issue again. Because it occured again and now how to reproduce it also how to get arround:

    It only hapens when you filter on something (doesn't matter which...
  25. Hi Aaron,

    I re-installed the product from scratch and both problems are gone. So I will close this thread.

    Thanks for your time!


    Siebe Vos
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