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  1. Sure go ahead
  2. Hi,

    In DateField previous selected dates are shown apart from the current date with yellow color. This issue is occured only in IE.

    This are lost once mouse is focused on the previously...
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    Can we have certification programs for different levels for GXT, EXTJS, Sencha Touch and .io as we have java.

    It helps level of understanding the technology??

    thanks and regards,
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    ok sven, we will create a custom component UI to fit our needs
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    For a single field its ok, But if we require to build regular expression using more than number of fields with operators like OR, AND etc. Then this will not be sufficient
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    Can you provide Filter builder UI something looks like in SmartGWT filter builder?
  7. Thanks sven, I will check by using with LiveGridView
  8. I am using RPC only with List of basemodels created at server side, sent back to client to fill the Grid. Here the requirement of showing grid without paging UI.
  9. Hi ,

    How can we show more than 5000 rows per page at a time in Grid ?

    I having GXT pagingUI using Grid to load 100 rows per page. But i am not able to load 5000 rows per page? Browsers are...
  10. I am trying to install "EXT Designer" but it saying the following message.

    "Ext Designer installation corrupted.

    The installation of the Ext Designer has become corrupted. please try to
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