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    Here is what I came up with for the same kind of thing. Ignore all the alignment bug stuff... I was reusing a test case i built

    It could be more efficient if I made use of a hash map instead of...
  2. Is there any feedback on this issue?

  3. - Detailed description of the problem:
    Something changed in the grid column alignment code between M2 and M1. Now if I have grid column header names that are longer than the set column width the...
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    I am guessing that your issue is probably related to this bug which has been fixed in trunk:
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    ... that I have observed this in 2.0 M1 & M2
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    Are '.' characters not supported in Grid column identifiers. For some reason whenever I have a column with a '.' in the ID name it will not render the data in the cells for those columns. I have...
  7. I just updated from M1 to M2 and noticed that some code that was previously working stopped working.

    // initialize the grid that will contain our probe metadata
  8. Yes, I think that's what I will have to do. I wish there was a way to register with the button though because now I have to distinguish between a hide event generated by [OK]->hide() vs. [x]->hide()....
  9. ... as far as I can tell this will only work for the buttons in the bar at the bottom of the dialog. Maybe I missed something though?

  10. Hi All,

    I want to get a handle on the [x] button in the dialog header so that I can throw away some state data if the button is clicked. Is there a "reliable" way to get access to this button?
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