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  1. I have an that may or may not have filters applied on it. I want to retrieve a MixedCollection of records using the or queryBy methods, but these methods ignore...
  2. This is very helpful, thanks!
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    That worked, bt_bruno. Thanks!
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    I don't want to rely on the column ordering, since the user can change the order. I suppose I could iterate over that array and find the column I'm looking for, but I was hoping there'd be a...
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    I'm sure there's a very simple answer to this question, but I just can't seem to find the magic function that does it. I have a reference to a grid panel. How do I get, preferably by itemId, a...
  6. I found that particular config option in one of the demos. I've found a number of undocumented features in the demos, now that you mention it. If you're having trouble with a control, it's usually...
  7. You can use collapseMode: 'mini' to display just a bar with an arrow to open or close the panel.
  8. getSelection() returns an array, even if there is only one selection. Try schools.getSelectionModel().getSelection()[0].data.
  9. It hasn't been fixed in 4.0.4. I'm not sure about 4.0.5, I ran into too many issues after applying 4.0.5 so I rolled back to 4.0.4. If you can possibly use the edit event instead of validateedit,...
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    I agree that this would be a useful feature. It can get difficult to keep track of where classes are defined, especially when multiple developers/source files are involved.
  11. I am having a similar problem on Win7, IE8, ExtJS 4.0.4. My grid is rendering without a vertical scrollbar although it needs one.
  12. Along the same lines as what pavanextjs said, you need to get the column, get the editor, and focus it:


    colIdx is the index of the column...
  13. Anything...? This bug is causing problems in my application and I don't have a workaround.
  14. Bump...
  15. This bug is still present in 4.0.4. Any word on a fix?
  16. I'll second this, and it's still happening in 4.0.4 (IE8, Win7).

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.4

    Browser versions tested against:
  18. I'm handling the validateedit event in the Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing class, and when my handler is called, both e.value and e.originalValue contain the original value (e.g. if the field value is 1...
  19. I've run in to this bug also, except it doesn't happen on just programmatic selects. It's also happening when I try to select by clicking on a row.
  20. Forgot to mention that this is in IE8 on Windows 7. It seems to be working fine in Firefox 3.6.17 and Chrome 11.
  21. The fix is working for me on IE8/Win7. I'll stay posted for the XP fix. Thanks for the help, Don!
  22. I have a large-ish tree used for navigation. If I expand the first node ("Parent 1" in my example below), I'm getting a "'undefined' is null or not an object" error in AbstractView.updateIndexes. ...
  23. Same thing happens when the west region starts collapsed. I posted a similar issue earlier and it seems to have been fixed.
  24. I have a Viewport that uses a vbox layout. Nested within that Viewport is a border layout that has north and west Panels. When I try to apply collapsed:true to the west Panel, I get an "Out of...
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    I think I've figured it out. For anyone else who's having this issue, the afterrender event of the Ext.grid.Panel seems to provide the same functionality.
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