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    Hi All,
    I need a video for the presentation of themes given by Dallel Meyer. Where can i get it.
    Please follow the URL for the power point presentation.
    Please follow the link to find the information regarding the layouts in 2.x to 3.x .
  3. Hi ,
    Can You please let me know why is the property editor is no longer an interface in gxt 3 and is a class now .
  4. Thanks a lot .But I was listening the video in regarding layouts and it was said that a slide which was present and contained the mapping between gxt 2 layouts and gxt3...
  5. Can Someone please help me find if there is a document regarding the mapping of 2.x layouts with the 3.x layouts. I want some thing like this in 2.x we used fitlayout and in 3.x we can use...
  6. Try using the x-panel-toolbar class and give float: right !important;
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