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  1. Can somebody tell me if this issue is resolved in ST ? If not, in what version is it resolved ?
    I could not find the answer in the release notes.
  2. So is it Android native that does that ?
  3. Hello,

    I´m using sencha touch 2.0.1
    I have a Ext.form.Panel with various fields.
    When I show the form panel, one of the fields (generally the first one but not always...)
    is automatically...
  4. Old thread but still true with 2.0.1
    Can we resolve this issue ? How ?
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    What I´ve seen in sencha touch source code is that it will only use the 57x57 icon for Android devices.
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    Same problem with me.

    I don´t understand the duplicates :
    - declaration in app.js
    - declaration in packager.json : this one seems limitative since we can reference only one icon when
  7. Must be cache problem because when I restarted my phone the new icon appeared.
  8. Hello,

    I´m deploying on an Android phone with sencha touch
    On the course of the project I have changed the application´s icon.

    When I build my application, my old icon appears again on...
  9. Ok.

    Let see a use case for my sencha touch native app:
    - I run my app and I have an external web link (http://)
    - When the user clicks it will show in the app the new web page.
    - I want my...
  10. I´m not sure about the meaning of your question but it is a native app so it is not accessed from the web.
  11. Hello,

    is there a way for my native packaged app to show the browsers´ address bar and back button?
    I´ve tried viewport fullscreen : false with no luck. I test on an iPad.

    Thank you.
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    For this feature, is next version 2.1 or 3.0 ?

    Thank you
  13. It´s resolved !!! :D
    After aplying fexdev procedure, iTunes created a second application with the same name (but certainly not the same signature since I had to add the bundleSeedId ).
    As I did...
  14. Same thing for me on iOs 5.
    I´m using ST
    I´v applied the procedure as suggested by fexdev. Same result.
    I do not have iOs Simulator since I´m on Windows.
    My app works fine on the iOs...
  15. Hello,

    when I console.log in application lauch it works but when I use in my app
    it does not localize the date (Data in the exemple).

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    I have tried tine_m solution but my sencha touch 2.0 ( is slightly different since I don´t have
    any reference to app.js in the index.html and I load microloader/development.js....
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