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    how do you put a vertical menubar inside a container on the west region of a borderlayout.... I tried but it doesnt seem to work and I am using the code from page 2

  2. How would you set up the bindings for the ColumnModel?
  3. bump
  4. getSelectedCell function is not documented

    It's part of the cellSelectionModel
  5. It's not documented...

    This function is only returning the cell's coordinates

    It should also retrieve the record.

    if you look at the object of the selectionmodel.. you can see that they are...
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    Not only should getSelectedCell return the coordinates of the cell.. it should also retrieve the record.

    if you look at the object of the selectionmodel.. you can see that they are both there
  7. Thanks Jack,
  8. Here is the solution:

    Apply an 'id' property to the textfield element
    and then use the DomHelper to insertAfter element

    {width:200, labelWidth:75, labelSeparator:''},...
  9. I want it to look like this

    "Renew every [ textbox ] days."
  10. is there a way to put Text before and after Texfield when doing a form

    this is what i tried... doesnt work

    {width:200, labelWidth:75, labelSeparator:''},
  11. Is there a way to disable the hide columns feature
  12. After destroying the grid object and then recreating the grid again I noticed that the colModel property object doesn't get overwritten... and it needs to be
  13. So everytime I have to create the same grid I need a new ID ?
  14. Grid is in contentpanel.

    Column is hidden by unchecking checkbox

    Close Panel (Destroying Grid Object, using 'grid.destroy', before removing of panel)

    Open Panel again

    When grid is created...
  15. I just noticed that... thanks... LOL

    destroy is spelled wrong
  16. Im getting this error when I destroy my grid with the loading mask:
    this.loadMask.destory is not a function
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    Yes.. I figured that out when i started looking at the dom objects... and you should also remove the event listeners as well

  18. How?

    Any Examples?
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    Question... why does the dome element of the grid have to be saved? Couldn't you just re-created the dom place holder by appending a child element to the content panel?

    Oh I forgot to add.. ...
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    I have a grid inside a <div> thats is inside a contentpanel

    when I close the panel and create it again (never reloading the page) i get an error.

    screenshot available
  21. also when you try to switch from number to text field you are not able to enter any text or number.. just periods(...) could be a bug
  22. Yes
  23. I have a combobox with 4 items. 2 pertain to textfields and the other 2 are for numberfields.

    Each time an item is selected in the combobox .. I want the input field to switch to its correct...
  24. Is this possible?

    If so.. how do you accomplish this.

    I have tried and what happens is that the number field class doesnt get removed from the input tag.

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