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  1. Today, I see the ext designer preview version.
    When Toolbox is collapsed mode, it shows button for floating mode.
    How can I do same thing?
    I appreciate for any help.
  2. Yes, this is very rare case.

    But, we have about 20,000 communities in our companies.
    Each community has bulletin board system.
    Our users want to see their community bulletin boards under each...
  3. I have performance issue with tabpanel.
    My application can have about 300 tabs in tabpanel.
    It's load time is good with 70-80 tabs.
    But I found load time is very slow with 100+ tabs.

    I have...
  4. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.0

    Adapter used:
  5. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0 RC2, Ext 3.0 SVN
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    Dear Doug.
    After I checked out recent extjs and miframe, my problem is resolved.
    Thanks a lot.
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    When I test RC1.1 with debugger, it breaks following line in extjs-debug.js file. = function(el, named){
    var ret = null;
    named = named || '_global';

    if (el =...
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    Dear hendricd.
    It's wonderful extension.
    When I test it, I have a problem with page reload.

    My test environment is following.
    Browser : IE 7(debug on mode)
    OS : Windows Vista

    After load...
  9. It was not problem for ExtJS 3.x
    I use miframe.js extension with ExtJS 3.x.
    When I use miframe.js with ExtJS 3.x, animated tree has problem.
    As I know, miframe.js is only for ExtJS 2.x.
    I think...
  10. I'm new to ExtJS and my English skill is very poor.
    Currently, I am trying to generate working code.

    Above picture is code for intranet application. So it is not proper for working code.
  11. Test Environment : Windows Vista. IE 7
    version : 4456

    I posted this issue

    When animated tree is collapsed, following problem is happened.
  12. Test Environment : Windows Vista, IE 7
    Test Version : 4455

    When I try examples/window/hello.html, It displays 'stack overflow' and IE is crashed.
    And I have same experience following issue again...
  13. Test Environment : Windows Vista. IE 7
    Test Version : trunk 4303 version

    I update latest source. It fixed treepanel animation issue.
    But when I use GridPanel with loadMask option true, I...
  14. Environment : Windows Vista. IE 7
    Test version : 3.0RC1.1, 3.0RC2, trunk(4262)

    This is happened at ExtJS example form/check-radio.js.
    Insert following two line at line 112 in check-radio.js...
  15. I found bbar has same problem.
    Only first button in bbar has same problem.
    I can click only on border of button.

    This issue is occurred at 4258 version.
    RC2 has not this problem.
  16. Environment : Windows Vista. IE 7
    Version : trunk(4258)

    First and Previous Button mouse pointing is very difficult.

    I will attach image....
  17. It seems to be my mistake.
    Until now, I overwrite all build files.
    So, I delete all files and copy build files.

    Now, I just have same issue 70501. (
  18. Debugging breaks at line 28990.

    // private
    runCallback: function(cb, scope, args){
    cb.apply(scope, args);
  19. Test Environment : Windows Vista, IE7
    When I test 3.0 RC1, It works good.
    But I upgrade to 3.0 RC2, I found TreePanel expanding error at line 28990.
    I checkout trunk version(4248). But TreePanel...
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