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  1. Hi All,

    Using Sencha Architect 2, I want to render a tree view calling the services(XML/JSON). I am able to to find the nodes, but no content is shown. I am attaching the screen shot for the same....
  2. Yes, I am able to capture the mouse event. But from point to point click I am not able capture/draw a path/line. I want to draw it dynamically.
  3. We are trying to connect to ESRI/Arcgis map from Sencha Architect/ExtJS 4.0 but I am getting error as
    '3.2compact?_dc=1357285341903\init.js' is not a valid virtual path.

    i.e.,but we did not find...
  4. How to draw path with mouse event ie., I want to draw a path from first click to the next click. And place some rectangles etc.,at each position.:) I will be happy if any one suggest me a quick...
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    Please help me for creating a pagination and search options to set in Tree Panel
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