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  1. Hi,

    Anyone found a workaround for this?
  2. hi,

    i installed Architect build 991 from the update, but i realized we are not ready yet to upgrade the project as well.
    Hence i uninstalled the 991 build and installed the 971 build which i...
  3. Hi,

    i have a slide out menu on the left of my Master view.
    Upon selection of any button on the main slide out menu i need to close the menu and then load the respective view on the right side...
  4. Replies
    We really need this Mitchell. Thanks for the awesome control
  5. Hi,

    i am using the grid control created by Mitchell from

    It works perfect in Sencha 2.1 but after upgrade to Sencha 2.2 the height and...
  6. Hi

    i am using the Date picker control with sencha touch 2.2.

    The issue is it doesn't allow me to go beyond a certain date 22 April 2013. It doesn't even let me scroll below.

  7. How do we fix this for the current version?
  8. As pointed out above my sogorman, When you added the imageviewer control to a panel or a container it doesn't show.

    i too faced the same problem.

    i had to make the the imageviewer control...
  9. Hi,

    i am actually building a carousel of thumbnails and upon clicking it the image shows up in a modal panel which allows pinch to zoom and translations.

    the pinch to zoom works perfectly in a...
  10. Hi grgur,

    Thank you for the response, i apologize for reverting back so late.
    i tried your idea, but i think it's just not letting the ipad 'sleep' when the app is running.

    my requirement...
  11. Hi,

    i have built a simple datadriven sencha app with auto sync support to a server api.
    i have build the auto sync using Delayed Task that keeps running every x minutes.

    As long as the app...
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