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  1. Hi, I would like to ask if there is a way to pause and resume an event or function. My scenario is, I have a function named "filterItems()" inside this function is another function called...
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    I am creating a grid w/ checkbox on each row. What I need to do is retain the checked row whenever the user paginates. is there an easy way to do is? What I have done so far is save the...
  3. Hi Bro,

    I think the browser could not detect your image, make sure the file path is correct. Also there is some error in your code. To fix this, you should remove xtype:"panel", because you...
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    Hello everyone, So far I was able to create a dynamic menu which retrieves categories/menus from the database. I am trying to figure out how to dynamically add sub menus/subcategories on my...
  5. Thank you very much Evant
  6. Hi, I have combobox and I would like prohibit the user to input data which are not present in the dropdown.

    I tried using readOnly:true on the combobox, but it will defeat the purpose of the type...
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    You could also Ext.Ajax.request on the handler of a button :D
  8. Thanks bro it worked

  9. Thanks James, It worked, I was wondering is there a way to put a loading text in it. Just like in the gridpanel where loadmask is set to true

  10. Hi, I am using Ext JS 3.4
  11. Hi James, I tried using your solution but I decided to use to use update html instead. My question to you is how can I setup a timer. so here is my code.

    new Ext.Panel
  12. Hi, is it possible to implement an image slideshow in ExtJS with the use of Ext Carousel.

    I tried implementing it using dataview and templates, can you give me any suggestion to go about this?
  13. Hi, I made a paginating dataview, I was wondering if it is possible to add a load mask on every paginate in my Dataview.

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    Good Job man, totally helped me. :)
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