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  1. I have found a bug in Ext.ux.ToolbarReorderer in webkit-based browsers (or at least Chrome and Safari on Windows and Mac).

    When you attempt to re-arrange re-orderable buttons it will consistently...
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    Thank for the great UX. I don't mean to sound ungrateful but the HighchartsAdapter was missing some semicolons that prevented it from working properly in multiple browsers once minified! I added a...
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    Has anyone implemented CellSelectionModel for Livegrid? I don't see any support for it in the code and I could really use it.

  4. Not quite sure I know why this is happening now...

    This gem is causing non-direct requests on actions I am not using with direct but which share a controller to get intercepted somehow and strip...
  5. I'm fairly certain you need to insert your tabPanel inside an Ext.Viewport, instead of rendering it directly to the document body, if you want it to auto-resize properly (at least this works for me)....
  6. I reported this earlier this week... you can probably find it.

    There's a good workaround though:

    Set monitorResize = false in your tabPanel config.
  7. After reading Saki's suggested work-around for the standard tabpanel, I set the config option for monitorResize = false in the groupTabPanel. It appears to be an acceptable workaround with no...
  8. After speaking with hendricd, I've tried:

    - Setting the "center" region w/o a height.

    - Setting DeferredRender = false

    - ActiveTab: 0

    I'm still able to reproduce this in virtually every...
  9. Saki,

    First, I want to say that I very much appreciate the examples and tutorials on your website. I've found them very helpful in learning ExtJS.

    That said, as I suspected, I was able to...
  10. I seem to have found a bug in the interaction between the grouptabpanel UX and the border layout that causes the border regions except for the center to shrink to zero or collapse even if on regions...
  11. Sure, I can't make any promises though :-)
  12. Chris,

    Thanks for the rails code! This seems a much cleaner approach han trying to directly request rails' RESTful URLs and deal with ajax requests in multiple places.

    A few questions/coments...
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