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    Thanks David, that does help. I've been toying with this further, and have discovered some SASS powers I didn't know were possible, particularly with redefining some of the sencha button gradient...
  2. I'm trying to theme a Sencha Touch app with SASS.

    In an scss file, I can define a color for a pressed list item:

    $white: #fff;
    $list_pressed_color: $white;

    this makes the pressed behavior...
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    I've been spending some time going through David Kaneda's* excellent blog posts on SASS theming in Sencha Touch
  4. hi all-

    When loading large Stores into Lists, I've noticed that the user experience degrades rapidly in my application if the item count is > ~500 items. When loading these stores into a desktop...
  5. bump?
  6. hi there-

    first time posting to the forums here. I'm just starting work on a Sencha Touch project and have an ExtJS-related question.

    I'm interested in how ExtJS handles garbage collection with...
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