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  1. Thanks for the reply @mitchellsimoens. I was able to add,

    <script src="../heron-0.70/lib/ext.ux/Exporter-all.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="../heron-0.70/script/Heron.js"...
  2. I am trying to export the Ext.grid data in the CSV format using Ext.ux.Exporter. Can somebody give me an example as to how I can achieve doing it successfully?

    I added the

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    Hi can somebody tell me how I can download ExtJS Grid in CSV format? Is it possible to do it using Ext.ux.Exporter? If possible can you give me a simple example?
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    I am a newbie can u give an example that I can follow
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    Did you get the answer to this question?
  6. Any update on this question?
  7. Ok so I did the following changes to my code and it looks like this,

    var attrfields = [];
    var attrData = [];
    var columns = [];
  8. I am trying to understand how I can assign titles to grid columns dynamically. I have a array (attrfields) which contains the titles but grid needs arrayreader to assign the titles I am trying to add...
  9. Only need to add CSV Upload function and a button that opens a browse window. This buton needs to be added to the toolbar. That's it.
  10. Hi,

    I am trying to create a CSV File upload on GeoExt Map App.

    I need to place the upload function within the Ext.Action, so that I can add it to the toolbar of the GeoExt Panel. I am...
  11. i am trying to add the
    Ext.ux.Exporter.Button to the following code,

    As you can see, the alert() function works fine but if I remove the alert and try to add the export...
  12. I was finally able to solve that issue Scott. I had not formatted the data properly. It needed to be [[var1],[var2],[var3]] rather than [var1, var2, var3]. I am now trying to add the download grid as...
  13. Hi Scott,

    I tried your option of, but the code does not execute after the

    var newData = { 'name' : 'Lisa', 'email' : '', 'change' : 100 ...
  14. hey Scott sorry about the incomplete code. Here is the complete code (The action object is on line 79). You can also see the live demo on this link,

  15. I have the code but I am confused as to how I should place it in the GeoExt.Action so that I can call it when the tool draws the desired polygon. I am using the ExtJS for the first time, so needed...
  16. I am new to ExtJS and I have the following openlayers code and I am trying to model it into GeoExt Action. The purpose of the code is to create a user drawn Vector Layer polygon, which will fetch the...
  17. I am trying to add a array field to grid and despite the fact that the Firebug is showing me that the store has the fields and the data, I am still not able to add it to the Grid.

    This is the...
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