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    I think the method applyFieldLabel(value) should be overwritten... as explained in the article!/guide/class_system
  2. Thanks for the info.

    What would be the best way to manage default values for my components? Using the initComponent as you said, or the constructor or to use the config property and initConfig()...
  3. Hi,

    I read the article about localization.. so since we're still at the beginning of the project, and we want our app to support localization, I decided to modify my component to match how ExtJS's...
  4. Interesting.. that would allow keeping the collapse tool hidden. How would you get a reference to the panel's header panel?
  5. I would say that's because you hide the collapse tool. You need to click the tool (the button with >> on it) to make it stick...
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    Try setting it in your application launch's function or above that.
  7. Try changing the property 'collapsed' to false...
  8. You will also need a component in the 'center' region.. I think this is a requirement of Viewport.
  9. Any thoughts about my last reply, before I go ahead and mark this post as answered..

  10. Hi,

    I think I found a bug, and wanted to confirm the behavior...

    When you have a collapsible panel that is collapsed and you call its .hide() method, you can still see the "collapse handle".
  11. This is all ExtJS UI?
    So you created a custom theme for this?

    Looks great!
  12. Ok..

    So when developing a custom widget, should I encapsulate the event listening into the widget itself, or should the widget include its own controller?

    For example, with many different types...
  13. Hi,

    I have a viewport set up like that:

    North: Application header with a few link like Help and Logout
    West: Accordion panel that acts as a menu
    Center: A tab panel that act as the main...
  14. Hello,

    I was wondering if the Template and XTemplate are still considered a good way to change the way our component looks or if there is a newer way in version 4?

    I haven't seen much...
  15. What I find confusing, is the data is updated in the grid, so I kinda thought the store was the correct one.

    I guess I was wrong and only the model is updated and the model could be attached to 2...
  16. I have a grid panel, and when I double click an item, it opens up a window that has a form and a save button.

    So I guess Button.up would only get me to the window...
  17. Well,,.. I doubt it is.

    In the Grid.js file, I specifically create a new instance of the store by doing this: = new{ storeId: 'gridProcessGroupStore'...
  18. Hi,

    I have created a small demo app following the MVC tutorial.

    Pretty much everything works as expected, except one thing: myStore.sync() method.

    When I doubleclick a row on the grid, the...
  19. That fixed it, along with a few typos I discovered in the process.

    I also discovered I need to fully qualify my class name when creating a new instance of a store. so in my grid, I had to use...
  20. I realize I didn't put the Application.js code.

    Here it is

    enabled: true

    name: 'ElementsPMI',
  21. Hi,

    I'm trying to create a MVC application and I defined some new view.

    A grid
    A panel for detail of the selected item in grid
    and a master panel containing the grid in the north region, and...
  22. What is the autoRef property for exactly?
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    Thanks, I will take a look at the store more carefully.

    What I'm not sure I understood are the proxy.. what are they vs store?
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    Hi there,

    I kinda thought out how I want to architect my ext js app and wanted to get feedback from people that have more experience than I do.

    Here is my scenario:

    We have a RESTful API. So...
  25. Hello,

    I recently started working with Ext Designer (and Ext JS as a matter of fact).

    I designed a PanelForm to match one of my model. Now I would like to pop up a window with a user click the...
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