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    Hmm.. Anyone?

    Also, should i be using windows or panel for this?
  2. Hi,

    Given the id of a model, how can I deselect it in a treepanel (bound to a tree store)? I am stucked at this line in my controller:

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    Hi Stevil,

    I am also stucked at creating my own markups for my treeview. I tried overriding itemTpl and tpl but to no avail. I am thinking of using ordered list <ul> and nested ordered list for...
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    I would like to have a panel that behaves like the following:

    a div with a fixed height (e.g. 500px), hidden under the element above it (using z-index)
    set to top: -470px so that only...
  5. Hi,

    I have 2 buttons on the toolbar: listview and iconview, where i allow users to the data in either thumbnail view or listview.

    id: 'chooseView',
    xtype: 'buttongroup',
    items: [
  6. Hi,

    I encounter the following but i am curious as to why one work but not the other...

    This attribute selector, [cls="blue"], does not call the onLeftnavToggle function

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    I too faced this issue. Setting frame: false on the button doesnt work at all. Is this a bug or something? I am on version 4.0.6.

  8. Hi Tryan,

    Thanks for your help. yes i understand tables is the key to render consistently across all IE browsers. I asked about this because of the scenarios and problems i am facing in this...
  9. Hi,

    1. I am generating buttons using the slicer tool that came with sencha sdk. My buttons have rounded corners. When the buttons are generated, the background colours of the corners are white in...
  10. Hmm.. Anyone?
  11. Hi,

    This occurs on my end as i am setting $include-default: true in my .scss. This is still in development so i didnt actually cherry pick the ones i need.

    I then went ahead to add my...
  12. Hi,

    I would like to have the cleaned HTML that were produced for firefox to be on IE as well for buttons. I am referring to the 9 cells table structures to create the sides for the buttons that...
  13. Hi,

    I search the forum but couldn't find this issue discussed anywhere.

    Has anyone wrote your sass such that it compiles beyond 4096 selectors in the output css file? What will happen is that...
  14. Hi,

    I encouter this problem as well. My manifest is as follows:

    Ext.onReady(function () {
    Ext.manifest = {
    widgets: [
    xtype: 'widget.button',
  15. Thanks Westy!! I downloaded and install the same version of gems that you have but still the parsebox error persists.

    After some digging, and reading more on compass and sass...
  16. I tried installing some older versions of compass but in vain.. the error i kept receiving is:

    error my-ext-theme.scss (Line 55: Not a valid color stop: #d1dff0 49%)

    would appreciate any help...
  17. Hi,

    I tried to followed the guide,!/guide/theming but i come across numerous problems:

    error my-ext-theme.scss (Line 8: File to import not found or...
  18. I managed to get it to work. It's a careless and stupid error in my Viewport.js whereby i defined layout wrongly as "fix" instead of "fit"!!

    But I would need to move my app folder to the root of...
  19. Thanks Mitchell!

    Without the require line above the Ext.application, i will have this error:

    NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://localhost:1234/app/view/Viewport.js?_dc=1314782534187

  20. So i had the error while following the tutorial from

    Anyways i fixed it with

    Ext.Loader.setConfig({ enabled: true,
  21. Hi,

    I'm new to Ext JS 4. Questions is: Why do I keep getting the error..

    NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://localhost:1234/app/view/Viewport.js?_dc=1314782534187

    .. even though i have set...
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