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  1. Firefox 19.0.2
    Cmd v3.1.0.239

    border is missing when example run from production folder. maybe something im doing wrong when change theme?
  2. nothing changed and here is the result of application that cmd provides.

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    Thanks for the explanation. i checked the generated app from cmd and found that once compiled there are some border missing with neptune theme.

    maybe im doing something wrong. i guess i should...
  4. Hi

    I tried to build a small example and this is the result i got.

    first i generate a new project with cmd

    >sencha -sdk "D:\sencha cmd\Sencha\ext-" generate app Myapp "D:\sencha...
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    im not a starter though but im kind of lost with new versions of cmd + 4.2.0 extjs. just wanted to see a build and how it works.
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    How can i build desktop example with latest sencha cmd?

    do i have to generate jsb3 file and then build using that file?

  7. setTitle didn't work for my case, i found that grouptabpanel uses a tree store to control tabs, so i modified the treestore's record to change title.
  8. Hi

    Is it possible to change a title of a Grouptabpanel item?

    if possible, how to do it?

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    i checked the github page and found that it supports 4.1.1.

    but once i try to build the project with sencha cmd it says Failed...
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    im using ext-4.1.1a and Ext.ux.GroupTabPanel

    problem is expanded: false doesn't seems to be working, it is always expanded with or without config.

    any one notice this error or its just for me?...
  11. any news on 4.1?
  12. this is the problem
  13. yeah i guess so, thanks

    without build or compile "renderTo:Ext.getBody()" inside viewport.js works
  14. once build everything is blank nothing shows but i found a solution

    some how "renderTo : Ext.getBody()" in side viewport doesn't work, so i remove the line from viewport.js and added it to...
  15. yup. i did the necessary changes and got the project out from server to build with CMD
  16. i removed "renderTo : Ext.getBody()" from viewport and added that to applaunch


    name: 'Oms',

    views: ["Viewport"],
  17. yup tried


    name: 'Oms',

    autoCreateViewport: false,
  18. it works with

    Ext.define('Oms.view.Viewport', {
    extend : 'Ext.container.Viewport',

    but not with
  19. found that it works with viewport

    Ext.define('Oms.view.Viewport', {
    extend : 'Ext.container.Viewport',

    but not with

    Ext.define('Oms.view.Viewport', {
  20. why this viewport not showing after compile or build?


    <meta charset="UTF-8">
  21. im thinking it might be a problem in viewport though. because i check the app with only viewport and app.js

    still nothing shows after build or compile

    this is after i removed everything
  22. no warnings or errors :(
  23. added after the line "extend : 'Ext.panel.Panel'"

    requires: [

    still nothing
  24. Hi

    I have a viewport like this and it works fine normally and after build or compile with sencha cmd it just showing blank screen

    any idea why ?

    Ext.define('Oms.view.Viewport', {
  25. thanks.

    i just wanted to find out how. its seems possible but have no idea how to use!/guide/command_reference

    under sencha generate app there are...
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