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  1. I"m using the item selector with a data source grabbed from a database - one for the From and one for To fields. I can load data into both without a problem but what I'm trying to figure out how to...
  2. Ok, I finally gave up trying to resolve it normally and I'm creating my own extension for it. It seems to work so far, if any one is interested I can post my code/example when I'm done.
  3. I've used this extension alot so when it came time for me to have to create my own, I used it as an example. And it seems to work (haven't finished testing yet) but I can't fix the layout properly. ...
  4. I've been banging my head on this for WAY too long. There has got to be a way to do this! Basically I have 1 column of form elements - simple to set up no problem. But for 6 of the fields I need...
  5. I'm glad you figured it out. That's one of the things that drives me nuts about extJS - it can be the simplest tiniest thing that you just can't find. I'm spoiled I guess, PHP has the best...
  6. I thought about using columns but it doesn't quite address it the way I want it too. I want the combo boxes right beside each other and that would be difficult to get right with scrolling etc. I've...
  7. That would set them up as a toolbar at the top of the form wouldn't it? I have to set up several different sets for the advanced search panel - around 5 at this point.
  8. I need to find a way to have 2 combo boxes beside each other on a form. The form is an advanced search form and it needs to have a couple combo boxes beside each - one to list operators (<, > , <=,...
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    I'm not seeing anything either. My suggestion is to simplify the whole thing. Comment out sections until it works. IE: The buttons - comment out the handler parts etc. Good luck.
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    not having a lot of luck tracking down a good example of setting a template for how I need it. It was only a nice-to-have anyway so I think I'll shelve it until I have more time to devote to it. ...
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    I was wondering whether it is possible to bold or set a style (color, font etc) to particular items in a combobox? It would be fed via a JSonStore.

    Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.
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    You have to add some lines to the COLUMN MODEL

    colModel = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel([
    {id:"Title", header: "Title", dataIndex:"Title", width: 200,sortable: true,css: 'white-space:normal;'...
  13. I've come back to this problem again with still no resolution. Doens't matter what I try (and I've researched and tried everything), nothing seems to be fixing the problem. It would be nice if I...
  14. Really? I thought it would involve changing the core files etc. That's awesome, thank you!!
  15. Is that the only option for adding a blank row into a data store? And if so, where would I put the override??
  16. How's this for not making sense:

    if I set the msWidth and msHeight attributes for the itemselector ... it doens't put the actual data in the control itself. BUT if I don't set the msWidth and...
  17. I am using Ext1.1 and you're right hte data is being loaded but off at hte bottom of the page in no-mans land. I have no idea why. You say set zoom=1 .. in what container?? I have it set in the...
  18. Funny thing - I came back to this problem and had rearranged the page a bit - and it appears to be loading the data - but instead of putting it where it's supposed - the data is sitting by itself...
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    Something similar - I have a simple store holding data for a combo box. I want the user to be able to type in a new entry if it doesn't exist in the store and then when they leave the box - save...
  20. I'm looking for a solution to a similar problem as well.
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    I'm trying to load some information into a qtip on a grid depending on the value of the cell.

    IE If the cell value == 'Bryan, Matthew' then grab some information for that user and display that in...
  22. I've been having the same problem and Richards post was exactly what I needed. I did see it in the example but I didn't understand (and still don't really) what the render function was supposed to...
  23. But I'm having a problem getting the spacing in IE working properly.

    I'm using the miscelField to hold some info fed from the selection of a combo box. Unless they select a certain value, the...
  24. My solution - probably obvious but I'll do it anyway.

    In the main HTML page:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function popItUp(interfaceInfo)
  25. Something I thought would be really simple... isn't. Basically, when a user selects a certain value from a combobox, I'm displaying some additional information. Part of that information needs to be...
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