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  1. Why are you creating a record like that? Why not use Ext.create to create the record? If you are using an Ajax call, the set a proxy on the model and use the static load method on the model call.
  2. We have not yet released the videos from SenchaCon yet.
  3. The current Jetbrains plugin is only compatible with a Jetbrains IDE. We have plans to create a plugin for Visual Studio and another for Eclipse (rewrite from scratch).
  4. This is way off topic of this thread but I'll also say, the same BBCode tag as I demonstrated also works in the support portal.
  5. Possible: yes. Although I wouldn't prioritize it very high (just being honest). I have other projects that need my attention more but I'll open a feature request to do this.
  6. Use the custom FIDDLE BBCode (the fiddle id is within the FIDDLE tags:

  7. Nightly builds would only be available in the portal but this won't happen until GA.
  8. I see the form on the right:

  9. Not necessarily. The bootstrap file is just a collection of the classes Cmd inspected.
  10. This is one of the areas where Ext JS' and Sencha Touch's api differed. Ext JS has never accepted an array whereas Sencha Touch did. I personally favor Ext JS' api of accepting and object instead of...
  11. I'm going to move this to the bugs forum as I would expect that to work. Same thing with the handler config.

    I also added a fiddle test case.
  12. This is not how the router is designed. We do have a feature request to make a mixin so that you can bind routes to any class, not just a controller.
  13. That's not how the router is documented to work, did you see this usage somewhere?

    /code 'demo' : 'detailRoute'

    That will map the #demo hash to the detailRoute method on the application, there...
  14. For this you can use the ant tasks to do any compiling/tests before cmd does it's thing.
  15. Replies
    Deliberate in the sense that there isn't a good location to put it that wouldn't make it look weird on the home page.
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    Does this still happen in Touch 2.4.1?
  17. So you want a carousel that is populated from a store?
  18. Are you using pixels for the font-size? Something like font-size: 12px;? Instead of px, use em.
  19. Are you talking about the variable? So you do something like this:

    var myview = Ext.create('Ext.Component');


    and the myview variable isn't null? If so, JavaScript doesn't...
  20. Are there going to be any records added to the data set (maybe via a database)? If not, then the index would be fine.
  21. Further more at the bottom of this page (and many others) there is a <select> to select your language right above the footer. Also an option at the bottom of the form here:...
  22. Understood, in Ext JS 6, Sencha Touch was merged into Ext JS for the most part and the code controlling the stores array in Ext.application is using the Ext JS code not the Sencha Touch version which...
  23. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  24. What does uname tell you?

    uname –a
  25. This is a bug that I can trace even back to Ext JS 4.2.0. The getStore method of sets the storeId based on the class name, it doesn't check to see if it has a storeId on it's...
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