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  1. this is a delicate process that I am just about to complete with a huge project of ours. It seems that architect does great at adding things you need, but I have noticed that, when I try to remove my...
  2. any news on this bug, it seems to still be broken for us, when we add a record to a grid store that is already grouped.
  3. all you do is have one viewport, change the layout to card, then add in your two panels that you want, not a window though. if needed remove the height and width from the panels inside the viewport...
  4. Why not do one viewport with a card layout and you can switch between the cards?
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    you would need a form and have oyur fields inthere give your field the same name as the model pertaining to your store, then form.loadRecord(store.getData());

    var data = store.getData();
    to set...
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    I think you should add another toolbar and add this button there, the tab bar is for tabs, or you could do an iconCls and remove the title of the tab so just the icon shows up
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    that was our disconnect, I was searching in Ext 5.... I dont think it is there for touch yet.
  9. I have figured this out. If you upgrade your mac os you need to go to this link and download and run, after that all works
  10. I have been using architect for ever and I upgraded to osx yosemity and not, I am not able to use architect at all.

    1. Architect says I do not have cmd installed
    2. it says I dont have java...
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    I am using version:

    I just go to the tool bar and type action column or column and action column is the first option in grid columns. or I go to the column on the grid and right...
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    you can tweak it to work how you would like it
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    do you mean a login with an ajax call? if so here is a little example, I am going to assum you know how to create the form and name your textfields (userName,password), this is kind of a...
  14. why not do it before that app launches in the launch config, and just use basic javascript to detect the browser...

    here is a really good one

    navigator.sayswho= (function(){
    var ua=...
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    Action Column is currently in architect....

    go to the toolbox and type in action column then just drag the column onto the grid where you want it, or even easier... just right click a column and...
  16. why not just use a border layout and have the bottom panel do your magic
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    maybe put iframe in a container or panel, and destroy() the container. or try to .destroy() the iframe
  18. maybe add an alias to your store. Is your store registered? in a requires block somewhere before this is used.

    extend: '',
    alias: 'store.TestStore',

    also try to add...
  19. any help on this from the Architect guys, I would think this would need to be addressed. what am I missing here
  20. tryig to add the paging scroller to my grid to work with my buffered store, I have the buffered render on in the grid, but when I add

    verticalScroller: {
    xtype: 'paginggridscroller'
  21. not sure exactly what kind of button you are looking for, but in the config panel, type 'tool', you will then see a Tools with a + you can select that and add some tool buttons, and you can also add...
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    to me when I go to that url, I do not get valid JSON.

    also might need to add a root to the proxy.
  23. this is just a stand alone project
  24. no, I dont want it there. but not sure how to change the build settings, I have just gone with it since I have been unable to change the build production and testing folders
  25. thanks for responding..

    Ruby 1.9.3p429 (2013-05-15 [i386-mingw32]
    dependencies look fine, screen shot attached.
    java version 1.6.0_34 I think we use this version for our tomCat

    build log...
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