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  1. Hi

    Can you guide me in the right direction, the 2nd point in the Results expected:

    Wanted to completly hide the north panel's titlebar and the CollapseTool and only do...
  2. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    Oh yes i just downloaded the Beta2 and tested. The panel's layout issue is fixed, but i am not able to completely hide the north panel when it is collapsed. An empty header bar...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.0 Beta
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome17.0.963.46 m
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    OK i will try to debug it.
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    Here it is...

    ExtJS Ver:4.1.0 Beta
    Browsers: FF10, IE9, Chrome16.0.912.77 m

    var alertsStore ='‚ÄčAlertsStore
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    I tried that by manually removing those tags and excel couldn't open it. But the XML is successfully validated after manually removing those extra tags. I used this for XML validation.

    I am trying...
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    OK, i see what you are saying. Thanks Wiznia for the inputs.

    When i debugged into it, i noticed the XML generated by the exporter has these 0"> extra tags, thought this might give you a clue in...
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    Hi Wiznia,

    I was trying to add your fixes from github, but no luck. I am not able to open the exported excel file in my code, but CSV works fine. Also, the excel file exported from the example...
  9. Thanks dawesi, i will try that one.
  10. Guys, anybody got any clue ??
  11. Hi,

    Thanks for the nice plug-in, very useful for me in my app to show the 'Logout' link. The problem is i'm not seeing the link until i either re size the browser window or selecting at least one...
  12. Thanks so much Skirtle, that is working :)
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    Hi Condor,

    I am trying to put a stacked bar chart inside a grid cell. But it is thowing me errors saying el is null for each row.

    ExtJS Ver: 4.1.0Beta
    Browsers: FF9.0.1/IE9/Chrome

  14. Hi Skirtle,

    Nice component. However when i tried to use this in my ExtJS V4.1.0Beta code, it is giving me errors. Can you confirm if this works for ExtJS V4.1.0Beta?

    When i debug the code it is...
  15. Hi mberrie, I totally agree with you. But my scenario is a bit not straight forward here...

    1. We have auto generated .NET proxies to fetch data into UI, so i can't use the ExtJS Proxies directly...
  16. I flattened the data structure and removed the mappings, everything started working...


    { "Id": 1,
    "AssetId": 787656,
    "Notes": "My notes",
    "Number": 1,
  17. Any ideas please...
  18. Hi,

    I'm struggling from 2 days to populate simple nested json data into the grid. I have gone through all possible forum posts without any luck :(

    Here is my code

    ExtJS Ver: 4.0.2a

  19. try changing your store to...

    var genres = new{
    fields: [
    { name: 'id' },
    { name: 'genre_name' }
    root: 'rows',
  20. If we want to automatically load the combobox remotly, we need all these...

    for store

    autoLoad: true,

    and for combo

    mode: 'remote',
    triggerAction: 'all'
  21. If your intention is to not allow the value from being edited, try using 'readOnly: true' config option instead.
  22. remove the 'mode: local' from your combo config.
  23. Post some code
  24. try this...

    grid.getColumnModel().getCellEditor(colIndex, rowIndex).focus();
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    Out of ideas..please post ur code by wrapping it in [CODE] tags.
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