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    The panzoom interaction of the charts doesn't work on Android 4.3. I assume in ST2 the charts are based on SVG instead of Canvas (for Android 4.1/4.2), since there is the known bug with clearing a...
  2. Ok, with testing it with 2.2.1 I can also not reproduce it anymore on the list.

    But on another view, where we found the initially explained error with "element" not defined, I still have the...
  3. Sorry, I tested your testcase previously with an old version.

    Anyway, we're currently using 2.2.0. With this version (2.2.0) I get the error here:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property...
  4. I can reproduce the crash with your code. I had to move your store code in a separate file to get it running, but then I can reproduce it.

    Grab the first item of the list, pull it down and...
  5. Hi there

    In our application we use sometimes while switching a view "Ext.Viewport.removeAll(true, true)". As we found out, this breaks the app if the old view is still scrolling, or lets say...
  6. May I ask why this is already marked as fixed? Was it already fixed, and if yes, in which version?

    I can reproduce this bug right now on my iPad 3 on:
  7. We have a kind of drawing in our app like the Touch Paint in the ST2.2 kitchensink:

    It seems that...
  8. Unfortunately I have the same problem. Did anybody find a solution for this?
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    Did you find a solution for this? I'm also trying to create a larger DB than 50MB...
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    It's running, thank you very much! :)

    Actually I got also the other version running again, the problem was in missing css declarations due to my changes along with the upgrade to ST2.1.
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    did anyone get this plugin running with ST2.1? It seems that they changed a lot on the slider...

    A problem seems to be that the calculated width of the fill_spaces is always 0 because...
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    In ST2.1 the allowThumbsOverlapping config of the slider seems to be not working...?

    The thumbs are always overlapping, even if I explicitly set this config to false.

    This is easily testable...
  13. As I tested for this ST2.1/PhoneGap-Problem now for hours, it seems that at least in our case the problem could somehow be that we have a 'xtype: passwordfield' on the initial screen of the...
  14. Hey there, we have exactly the same problem... Worked everything well with sencha and phonegap so far, since upgrading to ST 2.1 we have just a blank screen..

    Any help on this would be highly...
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