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  1. Hi.

    With default theme CheckBox inherits background of it's parent/layout. But not so with neptune theme. Any special reason?

    Even if I try to set "addStyleName" or "setStyleName" with css...
  2. Hi.

    Three points in question:
    - Collapse/expand animation in AccordionLayoutContainer
    As soon as I put ContentPanel that is animating its collapse/expand events to accordion layout container,...
  3. Hey.

    No, that does not work. What the problem was that I NEEDED to set appearance for the list. With the default one the horizontal scroll would not shot. As soon as I created my onw appearance...
  4. Simple, in the below code I am using listview for showing quite simple items. Basically a little icon with a name beside it. The name can be quite long so I need the listview to be able to show...
  5. Update.

    Hm, this is interesting, I was having the above issue at work on work pc running Win7 Ent and IE, whichever version it comes with it (presumably 9?). I was unable to test with other...
  6. Hey guys. The explorer for GXT 3.0.0 is quite straight forward when it comes to this. Nothing special. Still, I am having problems to make it work on my simple test case. Strangely enoug, something...
  7. Hi guys.

    The problem is this: I am loading a bunch of HtmlContainer objects into a list. Selected item in that list gets full opacity (100%), others have it set to 60%. By doing that user can...
  8. Old topic, still, I have the same problem with desktop background... and here is the code:

    - html file

    <!doctype html>
    <meta http-equiv="content-type"...
  9. Oh, at the moment I just made that widget a modal one. This does mean that it is always shown :) Though my wish is not to have it as a modal one.
  10. Hey guys.

    I have a little problem that is not a show-stopper but is annoying. Anyhow, this is my async callback class.

    public abstract class ZPortalAsyncCall<T> implements AsyncCallback<T>
  11. Hey Sven.

    Thanks for fast heads up. So, where do I paste this code? Directly to the BorderLayour java file?

    Thanks again.
  12. Hey.

    With GXT 2.2.5 I have annoying problem. Best to show the simple code:

    public class AATestWindow extends Window

    public AATestWindow()
    setSize(400, 200);
  13. Update: Sven, thank you, you were correct. There was a small Form being added to one other form. Like I said, must have been something I did :>

  14. I've checked for that earlier as I do get "Imvalid source HTML for this operation" description but no. One panel is form panel. I add this panel to different containers and finally to window.

  15. Simple source that you can add anywhere and just try to show/add this form. You should see JavaScriptException in GWT Development mode. I did not try it on apache because I need this also in dev...
  16. Thanks.

    Well, need is... you know, once someone tries that and then does not have it any more, there is your need :D But it'll do for starters, thanks! :)
  17. Hi.

    For my app I need to have a area collapsed when window is first rendered. Then user can, if he so wishes, expand it. The problem is that the content of that collapsed are only renders it's...
  18. Simple enough...

    private void createChild()
    Window child = new Window();
  19. Hey guys.

    A simple problem that I am facing. I would like to constrain a child window inside it's parent window boarders. I am unable to solve this problem. The child is always constrained by the...
  20. Hi.

    That is exactly how I am doing it now :) But it would be much more elegant to be able to call any method from that class.
  21. Hi.

    Thanks for that, I'll try it as soon as I am back behind that PC. But my question was far far more stupid :D I know exactly which method I want to invoke. I just got nothing back. No errors,...
  22. Well, if you are interested, I managed to get a temporary solution that seems to work.

    I have changed layoutData for the content panel that holds the image and should center it. On the getLayout()...
  23. Hey.

    I was playing with layouts and beside the problem with centerLayout that does not center, I have also rowLayout problems. Here is test code for a simple widget:

  24. Hi all.

    One question. I am wondering is there is a way to call a specific METHOD from the template that you set for, say, listview. I have few classes that extend BaseModelData and as such make...
  25. Hey guys.

    I've been playing with GXT for some time now and I really like it. One "issue" that I came across while doing my sample learning project. I was creating a window for showing images....
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