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    You have a couple of choice to change how it looks.

    1. You can change the uiColor option.

    CKConfig: {
    customConfig : '/ckeditor/config.js',
    toolbar: 'Basic',
    uiColor: '#dfe8f6',...
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    Hi Guys

    I have been playing with CKEditor and Ext JS. I stripped down the FCKEditor example and created the following which seems to work for me. It is only the basics at the moment, not sure if...
  3. I was having the same problem that damsfx was having.

    Since I have a Ext Window that contains my Fckeditor and it is reused for different elements and I also reuse that window with in multiple...
  4. curzonj

    I have got it working, the problem was actually caused by 2 errors in the js files. FF seem didn't seem to throw any errors about them, but IE did.

    tree_combo.js - extra comma at the...
  5. curzonj

    Does the TreeComboBox handle multiple children nodes? As in more than 2 levels.

    E.G 3 Levels
    Parent Node 1
    |-Child Node A of Parent 1
    | |- Child Node 1 of Child Node A
    | |-...
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