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  1. Okay, I had a closer look into it and found out that it would be solved by adding an if-statement into AbstractSelectionModel.doMultiSelect(T item, ContainerEvent ce), so it would look like:

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    I experience the same effect every time when starting HostedMode or Tomcat on Linux when not all users have logged out of my app.

    Stack in Hosted Mode (2 Warnings):

    [WARN] IOException while...
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    I'm excited about the chart capabilities...
  4. Since I haven't heard back for over two months now, could I please get at least an assesment when that bug is likely to be fixed?

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    As a workaround, it would be possible to use:

    public class MenuBarToolItem extends TextToolItem {
    public MenuBarToolItem() {
    button = new Button() {
    public void...
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    I noted that Ext GWT does not show ToolTips on disabled elements (at least for TextToolItem). Is that really the desired behavior?

    E.g. MS Office applications do show tool tips for disabled...
  7. Hi,

    is there an elegant way to change the horizontal alignment within a TableColumn, e.g. to have the column header center-aligned and the values left-aligned? TableColumn.setAlignment would...
  8. Puh, stumbled into the same issue. This is a pretty nasty bug. When can we expect that next release?
  9. Pardon my repeated thread bumping, but I really think this bug is quite significant since it makes context menus for multi-selection unusuable.

    Thanks for any efforts on fixing this! Joachim
  10. Thanks for the tip, that works along with setAutoValidate(true).

    The only caveat persisting is that it remains undetected when something is pasted through right-click - paste. I guess I need to...
  11. Still wondering... any updates on this? Thanks, Joachim
  12. Any news on this? I think it is quite important.

    Maybe I wrote to complicated, but the problem is that it is not possible to select in a SelectionStyle.MULTI-list e.g. the 1st, 3rd and 6th (by...
  13. Hi,

    I noted following issue when using a GXT Table with SelectionStyle.MULTI and an attached Menu via table.setContextMenu(menu):

    When selecting multiple items with Shift or Strg and...
  14. I traced the warnings back to some functions returning values of BasePagingLoadResult<BaseModelData>.

    In the end, I defined a new class that extends BasePagingLoadResult<BaseModelData> and...
  15. Thanks, Sven, I looked at Events.KeyUp, but it only fires when the focus is moved away from the TextBox, which is too late for me (I want to enable a Save button when text is entered into a field).
  16. For reference, the following can be used as a workaround until then:

    public void onComponentEvent(ComponentEvent ce) {
    if (ce.type == Event.ONKEYDOWN || ce.type ==...
  17. Since the issue persists, I'd like to raise again the question if ignoring non-modifying keys would be more meaningful way of dealing with events. Maybe as an option at least?


  18. Sorry, I just realize that calling setPropertyEditor is not needed anymore since 1.2. That's good, the HTML / Empty String issue persists though.
  19. Hi,

    I still have troubles with the ComboBox.

    Firstly, I find it a bit insatifactory that in order to control, what is being displayed has to be done twice - once, per ComboBox.setPropertyEditor...
  20. Yes, that's right, I agree with zaccret.
  21. Hi,

    TriggerField has some issues in determining its width, which make it hard to use a ComboBox or StoreFilterField in a visually pleasing way.


    1. setWidth will not set the...
  22. Similiar in ComboBox:

    private ListView<D> listView;

    public ListView getListView() {
    return listView;
  23. The class

    public class StoreSorter<M extends ModelData> {

    * The default comparator instance.
    public static DefaultComparator DEFAULT_COMPARATOR = new DefaultComparator();
  24. Am I really the only one getting these warnings? How do you others avoid that issue?
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    Any news? It would really be great to have that feature added to the API.
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