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  1. Hi,

    In Ext 6.0.1, on touch devices (any browser), grid summary is breaking while scrolling. i.e. the summary row gets scrolled along with other records instead of being docked.
    The issue also...
  2. Hi,

    I have grid with 2000 rows, for selecting that all rows in Extjs 5.1 its take more than 15 seconds. While selecting same numbers of rows in Extjs 6.0.1 takes only couple of seconds. It will...
  3. Thanks Israel for the reply, Can u please solve my following query & this same query I also asked in this thread previously.

    This link mention list of options...
  4. Hi,

    I am using sencha cmd, for the app build we have option to create build of which we want (Production/Testing) using following commands.
    sencha app build -c testing
    sencha app build -c...
  5. Can someone please help on this thread. How to achieve above mentioned thing.
  6. In earlier version of ExtJs i.e ExtJs 4.2 there was add method on series to add new series to chart.In ExtJs 5.0.1 there is no such method, so is there any other way to add series dynamically to...
  7. Previously, in Extjs 4.2.1, we used to work with RAW Data from Tree Store for certain business logic. Since, it has been deprecated / removed from Extjs 5.0.1, what are the alternatives for this...
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    Can we use ExtJS 4 existing license , with ExtJS 5 , or do we need to additionally buy ExtJS 5 license over and above with ExtJS 4 license?
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    I am using grid touch bundle and in one particular case I achieved 2 level of nested column using but I want to achieve more than 2 level of nesting how can I achieve this in touch grid....
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    Ok thanks a lot got it, thanks for ur valuable time :)
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    Hey, Thanks for reply will u please giv me one example to override these classes...
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    I am using bundle provided by snecha to render a grid. I am using 'grideditable' and 'gridmultiselection' plugins for grid the problem is can we Hide 'Delete' button in both these cases and...
  13. Is this fixed now?
    in my app.json i have
    "name": "MyApp",
    "requires": [
    "js": [
    {"path": "resources\Login.js"}
    "css": [
  14. I'm able to add all series dynamically in my chart.However when I add scatter series , it adds the series' name to the chart's legend , but it does not render it on the chart.

    series =...
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