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  1. Ext.create('Ext.form.field.ComboBox', { store: ['Red', 'Yellow', 'Green', 'Brown', 'Blue', 'Pink', 'Black'] });

  2. Ext.create('Ext.form.field.ComboBox', { store: ['Red', 'Yellow', 'Green', 'Brown', 'Blue', 'Pink', 'Black'] });
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    Thank you. Hiding the column caused the subgrid to change column width. Instead I just changed the width. Here is the code if anyone is interested:

    Ext.define('Rx.grid.MyRowExpander', function()...
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    I'm having the exact same problem. Can you please provide the code you made it work with? Thanks.
  5. I'm using the json proxy to get a tree node for my TreePanel. The problem is that the proxy adds the querystrings variables id and root. Which makes my REST API choke.

  6. Problem can be solved by creating another container and docking it to the bottom. Then you can put the button in that container. Only thing it aligns to the left, but that can probably be fixed with...
  7. How do you add that dockedItem list to the window using Sencha Architect 2? The only code that is editable for me are the event bindings and functions.
  8. Thanks for pointing that out. It works now.
  9. Exactly. Which is what I want.

    The problem is that it's causing an error when re-adding panels.
  10. I want the center panels to be swapped out when a user clicks a link. And I also need to load some content into a div element that I later want rendered inside the center panel, which is supposedly...
  11. I works after I got rid of "layout". Thank you.
  12. "preventHeader: true" works fine when the Panel is standalone. But when I try to prevent it when the Panel is an item in a Viewport I get:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'addCls' of...
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