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    same thing for me (and I previously clear my cache)
  2. Yes, it's bug with just an INPUT.

    To reproduce this issue you can edit an example packaged in ext release : ext/examples/grid/grid-plugins.js, line 92, replace

    plugins: [{
  3. Up.

    Please, Could you merge my suggested code in a future release ?
  4. New "feature" In Ext4.1.0 (compared with RC3), in ext-all-debug-w-comments.js, line 145786 :

    Ext.define('Ext.view.View', {
    handleEvent: function(e) {
    // After all listeners...
  5. Same issue. Thanks for you workaround
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    With RC2

    I've another bug, see
    So I apply the...
  7. same issue with Ext.ux.RowExpander which add to an additionnal column
  8. Have a look to
  9. I've a similar issue with a classic grid.

    I think this is due to the selectionModel checkboxmodel which generate a new column with en errornous config.

    I can fix it with this override:

  10. Perhaps it could be linked to
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    On ExtJs 4.1b1, I've an issue when I use loadRawData on a store binded by a ComboBox. After calling loadRawData, if click on a list item nothing append.

    My class :
  12. Don't work with Ext 4.1. To fix-it

    repositionClearButton : function() {
    var clearButtonEl = this.clearButtonEl;
    if (!clearButtonEl) {
  13. ok I don't search in general bug forum, just in Ext 4.1 part.

  14. Checked against Ext 4.1 and issue seems to be always be present ...
  15. Hi

    With Ext 4.1.0.b & FF 9.0.1 under linux

    If if configure a grid with
    hideHeaders : true, i will have an horizontal scrollbar for some few pixels. To prevent this I must had ...
  16. Due to layout reengineering in Ext4.1 this plugin need to fixed.

    My work :

    Ext.define('', {
    alias : 'plugin.tabtoolbar',

    constructor : function(config) {
  17. Do you found a workaround ?

  18. With an Ext.grid.Panel if I use rowbody feature in conjunction with checkboxmodel selType I have graphic issue. rowbody's additionnal data appear in first column, the one which corresponds to the...
  19. +1

    I would like to add a 5px padding but I can't ...
  20. Ext 4.0.7, in debug mode.

    If I call "panel.hide(true)" on panel configured with "preventHeader=true" I've a bug :

    This is due to

    var tools = [], headerTools =...
  21. nice plugin but i've same trouble with combobox.

    Because reset is not the same as clear value, I do this :

    init : function(textField) {
    this.textField = textField;
  22. When a call is done to Ext.Function.pass without any scope, I would be great if result function use the current "this" as scope instead of undefined.


    Ext.pass = Ext.Function.pass =...
  23. In Ext 4.0.6

    According to API doc setRootNode should accept an instance, but it seem to be bogus. My instance is always wrapped again in a new Model instance.

    My override :
  24. In ext 4.0.6 issue is not totaly fixed.

    IMHO the pb come frome the variable name and it's description
    In "select" method :
    In "selectAll" method :
    Wich is the excat opposite although both...
  25. I've the same issue because i never configure a remove URL in my proxy (i don't need it, I never remove records from store).

    My workaround (compliant with thus current Ext logic) :
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