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    I managed to get it working like this:

    Ext.ClassManager.onCreated(function() {{
    load : function() {
    // Your fantastic...
  2. I'm trying to package an app for production, but I have noticed that there are problems each time I roll out a new version, since the browser is (rightfully) caching app.js and MyApp-all.css....
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    That is yet another issue with Sencha Architect 3 and source version control. I don't know in which file the line settings end up in, but if it is versioned it is a problem. If some of your...
  4. Do you have your source code in github or similar to avoid forum version hunt syndrome?
    Did it came out of alpha?
  5. Yes, but it is less noticeable.

    You can substitute Map with the following component:

    Ext.define('TestCase.view.Content', { extend : 'Ext.Panel',

    config : {
    layout : 'fit',
  6. Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch (happens also in 1.1)
    Browser versions tested against:

    Safari Mobile (iPhone with iOs 5.1)
    Google Chrome 19.0.1084.52 (Linux Desktop)
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    I was having the same problem with only some of my panels, and finally identified that the problem was a hiddenfield. Fore some stupid reason, sencha touch hates fields of xtype "hiddenfield" when...
  8. I don't think you should declare the request var. It would get rid of the javascript error, but there would still be an error in the code.
    I think the problem is that instead of 'request' it...
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    Additionally, since is a singleton you might want to consider a generic "custom" validator type which will call the specified "validator" method when required like this:

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    I think you are in the right path, the only problem is that your custom validation function (i.e. presenceDueDate) only receives config and value as arguments. You need access to the rest of the...
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    Are there plans to include native widgets where available?
    With jQuery mobile it is possible, and it not only looks much better but performs better too, specially in low-end devices like BlackBerry...
  12. Is it possible to defer the instantiation (lazy) of ui components in a card layout until the actual card gets activated?
    This seems like a logical thing to do for a mobile application. You don't...
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    With this override to Ext.form.Select it works as expected (by me at least). Please note that this is an untested quick hack that I made while exploring and trying to understand the inner workings...
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    The field:

    xtype : 'selectfield',
    name : 'sampleSelectField',
    label : 'Sample',
    displayField : 'name',
    valueField : 'id'
    // store : store <---- This doesn't work
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    And when is your solution going to be available? If it is already in place how is it used. I'm also struggling to make a Select widget work with a Store, but so far had to do it manually (i.e. load...
  16. Letting aside the fact that I don't fully understand Sencha Touch's Form-Model binding,

    1. why on earth do I have to call the form's updateRecord method in order to synch the underlying model...
  17. I am an ExtJS developer delving into Sencha Touch and I'm having some trouble since the API 1.1 documentation is a complete mess.
    A couple of examples:

    1. If you try to search in the "API home"...
  18. Does this extension work for Sencha Touch?
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    Hi, I see this thread is quite old but it was the best existing thread I found.
    Any updates for Ext 3.x?
    What are the guidelines for correctly disposing of Components in order to allow for garbage...
  20. I found this antique thread and this other regarding this issues but in the first case Jack says "there's no easy way to detect" a circular reference while the other thread deals more with the fact...
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    Condor's solution works, as usual, but isn't it rather inefficient to load all the data of all the combo's upfront? Not only in the amount of data but in the number of individual calls to the server....
  22. I think that the else clause inside render Item should call the original FormLayout's renderItem instead of the superclass' one.
    I had a problem with a component that extended textarea that was...
  23. 1. Download extension from this post
    2. Copy localXHR.js inside $ext_directory/docs
    3. Open $ext_directory/docs/index.html and insert the following after the line that includes ext-all.js:
  24. Ext.grid.GroupSummary which is in examples/grid (btw why isn't it part of ext-all?) has errors when used in a dynamic grid which needs to be reconfigured (i.e. when you need to change the column...
  25. Time and again I have stumbled for the need to clear a combo and its store so that next time you click the trigger button the values are reloaded from the server (e.g. dependent combos).
    Niether the...
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