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  1. Just trying to find why our application has memory leaks. They seem to be pretty severe. Looking in the task manager, one load can cause firefox to jump up 50,000 K in memory usage. I am trying to...
  2. thanks for the reply. But is the global object re-referencing the Ext object over and over a problem?
  3. In our webapp, we are using Ext JS and Ozone Widget Framework (OWF). During some testing, I inspected the window object and was looking through the Ext object. I noticed that there was
  4. Not 100% replica, but it still has the same problem... container-innerCt is getting a width of 20000px
  5. As far as I know, I am on the correct version. I wasn't here when it was originally put on our server, but we also don't have the luxury of just moving another one to the server.
  6. 4.1
  7. If I make a container, why does the containerId-innerCt ALWAYS have a width of 18000px. I just want it to have the width of the container, which is obvious. For some reason, EXT JS applies an 18000px...
  8. Basically, I had to scrap mapping/converting altogether.

    I brought it into one store, and then inside the datachanged listener on the store, I pass that data to other stores, which the grids are...
  9. I can't get it working. I add:

    filters: [{
    function(item) {
    return item == '';

    I just want to get rid of specific values that are blank, not the whole record. It...
  10. I totally read that response wrong... I will try this tomorrow and will respond then. Thanks!
  11. What would be causing a blank row to display? If it isn't supposed to happen, then I am probably doing something wrong, right?
  12. Basically, I have a model like:

    {name: 'cnoID', type: 'string', mapping: function(o) {
    var root = o.cnoTypeList[0] || false, val = || false;
    if (root && val) return val;
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