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  1. I am actaully looking at changing the background color of the cell dynamically when user hovers on it .
  2. Hi
    I need to apply css class of a particular cell ( grid panel) on mouse hover. How should i do it ?
  3. I tried the reconfigure method but sorting on column do not work. Sort request for descending is never fired when i click on column header. However , only ascending sort works.
  4. Hi
    Currently we can re-configure column position by drag and drop. How can we achieve this programattically

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    Need to perform a redirect to log in page in case there a session time out.

    I am doing it this way.

    Ext.Ajax.on('requestexception', function (conn, response, options) {
  6. Any help here ? I am stuck :(
  7. Using sencha 4.0.7.

    loader : {
    url : detailsURL,
    scripts : true,
    autoLoad : true,
    loadMask : true,
    params : {...
  8. Hi,

    I am using the grid check box selection model for multiselction in the grid. But when i checked all the rows by clicking on the header checkbox, after when i reload the store with different...
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    Using extjs 4.0.7 ..tried out the solution above ..does not seem to work ..actually , sencha seems to be disabling by default in case there is only one column for show/hide ..

    Just to re-iterate...
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    Might be a rookie question. I have a grid with two columns : Let's say name and description. I want name not to be hideable and hence have set hideable=false. Description is an optional filed and...
  11. The problem occurs when i try to open a window.
  12. Hi
    I migrated from Ext js 4.0.6 to 4.0.7 and i face issue in launching ext js window. Below is the code that we use to launch the window. Please see attachment for javascript error

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    My point was , how do we access child attribute values with grid ? In the gridColumn can i use "model.diskVolumeInfoList.flags" ?

    The actuall json string is :
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    I am trying to use grid with json. My json string looks something like

    { "name":"zys", model : { "address":"add", diskVolumeInfoList: {{"flags":13}} }

    I created the store below to...
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