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    I too would love to utilise Gantt charts within ExtJS.
  2. Looks great.

    Am really after something like this at the moment for a project management app I'm writing for where I work.

    At the web consultancy where I work we rely heavily on shared...
  3. Also whilst I think about it, are there any plans (or any extensions I've missed) that use a similar approach but utilises the DataView rather than TreePanel?
  4. Can columns be applied to this extension similar to the example: ?
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    Nice one for the override code devnull! Works well for me too! The ComboBox issue you mention has been annoying me since I started using ExtJS a few weeks ago.
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    Fancy sharing the code for this? ~o)

    I've been needing a Google Calendar/iCal/general calendar for Extjs for a while - I already have one which I made a while back using jQuery and HTML which...
  7. I've managed to resolve the issue.

    The store for the Combobox was only loading after minChars had been met when someone was typing, so I simply added the autoLoad:true config option to the comobox...
  8. Hi,

    I have a form which contains textfields, and a ComboBox.

    I load the values of the form/textfields by clicking a "Load" button which in turns retrieves the form data via a JSON store. All...
  9. Hi,

    I have an editable grid which updates a database which works fine.

    When I update the contents of a cell and hit the enter key the cell is updated and updated in the database. The next cell...
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