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  1. quick and dirty...

    paste: function (field, e, eOpts) {
  2. Here are screenshots of what I'm seeing on the Nexus S device I'm testing with.
    I have yet to figure out why it was not working, then started working, and is now not working again.


  3. I apologize, I cannot seem to duplicate this again.
    I'm wondering if this is only happening under certain network/cpu conditions or something.
    I'll keep an eye out for this, and provide more...
  4. If I load the Sencha Touch 2.3 kitchen sink app on my Nexus S running 2.3.4, I'm seeing a few things that are problems.
    I only see the titlebar initially. The listview portion does not render until...
  5. Input field labels are not clickable. Why?
    I have created a simple override that will automatically set focus on the input field when it's label has been tapped.
    I'm not sure this is the best way...
  6. This is just a bug in the Ext.Base.addConfig() method.
    It's possible that this specific use case is not best practice, but I would expect that calling this method would do everything required to...
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    I'll give that a shot.
    It appears to be working at first glance, but I'll let you know once I have ported over all my patches.
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    I have a patch.js file that I'm using to override some core Sencha Touch methods that contain bugs.
    I'm using this approach rather than editing your code directly to make things simpler when you...
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    Isn't this really a bug with the Ext.mixin.Observable#fireAction method?
    The documentation says...
    "Fires the specified event with the passed parameters and execute a function (action) at the end...
  10. Isn't this really a bug with the Ext.mixin.Observable#fireAction method?
    The documentation says...
    "Fires the specified event with the passed parameters and execute a function (action) at the end...
  11. If you create a button with an iconCls, when you update it to null or '', the icon element never has the original iconCls removed.
    So if you try to set it again, there will be 2 iconCls values...
  12. Additionally, the reverse needs to happen when calling the method.
    You need to encode the data before it can be properly recognized.
  13. getInitialConfig() is returning an object that was created using the Ext.Object.classify method.
    The object contains lots of additional stuff that does not exist in the initial config passed to the...
  14. When a route contains escaped characters, Sencha Touch should unescape them using decodeURIComponent before calling the associated route handler.

    Example route:
    'data/:id': 'processData'
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    Thanks, this was a great tip...
    I changed it just a bit so that it's more reusable.
    Here is my code.

    getSubList: function (node) {
    var items = this.items,
  16. I was able to correct this issue very easily...

    Here are the two snipets of code I changed

    // Bind our listener that fires after the animation ends
  17. I noticed that whenever I have a grouped list, the bottom border of the last item is never displayed.
    Here is the CSS that I have added to correct this issue. (no rocket science here)

  18. The documentation for Ext.List methods addCls and removeCls indicate that they take no parameters.
    Actually, they take n parameters of string classnames.

    *edit: sorry I should have indicated this...
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    One thing I am always struggling with is how to keep the background mask from disappearing.
    Here is the code to duplicate this issue.


    onReady: function() {

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    The Ext.form.Slider xtype is incorrectly identified on the Class Ext.Component page as slider.

    It should actually be sliderfield
  21. Columbus, OH
  22. All methods in the Observable class change the event name to lowercase.
    The hasListener method does not follow this model, and therefor returns incorrect results.
    I saw this same bug mentioned in...
  23. +1 How do we get 1.0.2?
  24. When a list is not visible, and an item is added to a grouped list, the groupOffsets property is not set correctly.
    All of the offsets are being set to 0, causing the last group header to always be...
  25. Actually what is Ext.platformVersion?
    I see that I should have been using Ext.version
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