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  1. Indeed the sprite removal was premature. I was deferring sprite delete without deferring the refresh to the surface! Works now, thanks.
  2. ext 4.1.1 GA
  3. I create a new sprite unitCircle and it to my scatter chart surface:

    window.unitCircle = new Ext.draw.Sprite({
    id : 'window.unitCircle',
    type : 'circle',
    radius :...
  4. There was a refresh problem even on 4.1 GA when different filters are being applied continuously to a store. I wanted the chart to be drawn *only* when a new filter is applied so sprites from the...
  5. Ah, you have saved me some sweet time!
    I started playing with the latest version of ExtJS last month so I wasnt aware of the history. Flash wont do, will give GA a go and report back.
  6. Thanks for your reply.
    Treading slightly off-topic - I'm planning to roll back to 3.4 as it seems that chart axis "reverse" config option is not supported on 4.1 - (the option was missing in 4.1.1...
  7. I'm on EXT JS 4.1 RC2
  8. I have 2 charts to display. I am trying to apply a data filter to chart B's store when user mouse overs on chart A content - simple enough i think. [chart A - tooltip listener code given below]

  9. Any fix for this yet OP?
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